Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here Come Still More Drones

Homeland Security “officials” announced this week that a second drone (UAV) will begin flying the skies along the Texas/Mexico border “to better fight drug and immigrant traffickers along the sparsely populated border in South Texas.” In other words, it will be used to protect Texans from honest business transactions originating from south of the border and brown, sub-humans lacking proper, authorized-deeds-of-ownership-by-the-US-Empire who wish to migrate north.

Surely, these two drones will eventually grow in numbers to scores of spying monsters, eventually being armed as the death machines now operating in foreign war zones. We also can look forward to sharing our once free world with these little buggers:

According to Reuters, “The mission is to develop microaviarys (MAV’s) that can find, track and target adversaries [meaning you] while operating in complex urban environments.” Ghastly new anti-human technologies are always first used in foreign war zones to test their effectiveness and to allow time for people to be accustomed to their existence. Only then, are they turned against the Empire’s own subjects. What a wonderful future to look forward to.

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