Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Petition is to Beg

I’m often invited to assist activists in political action deemed necessary to change an injustice. One such request is this petition offered by Veterans for Peace demanding the impeachment of Emperor Obama. VFP is a fine organization whose mission, according to their website, is “to raise public awareness of the true costs and consequences of militarism and war - and to seek peaceful, effective alternatives.” I certainly can’t argue with that. My only point of contention, in this particular case, is their method of action.

I see political action as a complete waste of time and even detrimental to the success of my objective. Participating in the political scam means confirming that this process is legitimate and gives my consent to be ruled by others. I’m sorry, I refuse to do that. “Petitioning” means asking these self-proclaimed rulers to return what is already mine- my individual sovereignty and innate liberties. “Petitioning” is imploring a ruler to quit behaving in a manner which is immoral or unethical for any civilized individual. “Petitioning” is nothing more than a slave begging a favor from his master.

Do you really think that a government that refuses to quit sexually molesting us at airports is going to give a damn that some peaceniks want to stop their wars? Do you really believe they will take seriously a demand that their benevolent Emperor be removed from his throne?

Political action will never stop the obscenity of war. The game is rigged. Politics, itself, is merely an extension of war (ballots backed by bullets) where the will of the majority mob is enforced by violence. The only effective form of resistance to tyranny is DISOBEDIENCE and NOT GIVING CONSENT!

No! I will NOT fight your fucking wars!

No! You will NOT take my children to fight your fucking wars!

No! You will NOT take my money to pay for your fucking wars!

Yes! I will use every last breath in my body, if necessary, to convince others that this attitude is the only righteous path one can take!

Yes, impeachment of a US warlord is possible, though highly improbable. But by the time this is accomplished, thousands more have died and the demonic apparatus (the state) and its battle ready standing armies of empire remain armed and ready around the world for the next tyrant to command and control. Nothing, repeat, NOTHING, will change!

Note: When discussing war, the ultimate obscenity, it is sometimes necessary to match that obscenity with a coarseness of your own. The reader or listener must have absolutely no doubt as to your passion, steadfastness and resilience to rejecting war, resisting its initiation and expansion, and exposing the morally bankrupt argument of its proponents. Sometimes this requires a salty tongue and an in-your-face attitude. Otherwise, the message seems to get lost under a haze of warmed over, water-downed, sugary platitudes.

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