Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Delta Gives Discount to Terrorists

A bit of a stink occurred last week when Delta Airlines was taken to task for charging Uncle Sam’s assassins extra baggage fees. This decision by Delta was accompanied by outrage from US loyalists and military cultists who decried such an action as disrespectful to their beloved killers. Here’s the video from two whining saps that catapulted the display of outrage among military devotees and bootlickers.

Apparently, soldier boys (along with their jackboot brethren in law enforcement) hold a much higher spot in the pecking order of humanity by simply being obedient, military slaves. Their special status allows them not to be held responsible for paying the complete cost of their transportation as lowly civilian, tax serfs are expected to do. “Equality” is only for those who scrape and claw an honest, peaceful, and non-coercive living for themselves.

Apparently, the airlines are expected to sacrifice revenue as a righteous act of appreciation for these holy warriors. Is it only airlines who are expected to sacrifice? Are their other potential businesses that are expected to share the same burden? What about grocery stores, pharmacies, taverns, hookers, car dealers, gas stations, and other merchants who may come in contact with these rampaging mercenaries? Are they all also expected to offer discounts and freebies to these arrogant swads? Will they also be considered unpatriotic and disgraceful if they balk at such action?

My first response when hearing about this event is not whether Delta should charge these individuals for extra bags. My immediate thought was why were these individuals even allowed on a plane?

If you use profiling as a method of security screening, here are the indisputable facts you will gather when doing an unbiased, rational threat analysis of these individuals wearing the state’s clown suit:

1) These individuals are recruited, trained, employed, paid, and tightly controlled by an organization with a proven history of global terrorism.

2) These individuals, as a group, are known hired killers, known to be prone to violence when among civilians, have committed previous acts of terrorism (by any definition of the word), and tend to be emotionally unstable.

3) These individuals, as a group, experience a high rate of suicides and coupled with their willingness to follow any order, make the perfect candidate for a suicide terrorist.

Israel, which has a long history of dealing with suicide terrorists, offers a few general characteristics of a suicide bomber. Although demographic characteristics (age, education, marital status) don’t quite match the group in question, the key characteristic (and more relevant one, in my opinion) is this one:

“Suicide bombers participate in months of indoctrination training. When ready for the mission, they are in a hypnotic state, believing that the mission will open heaven’s gates.” [Or, in the case of US terrorists, create heaven on earth through colonialist occupation and rule by corporatist oligarchs.]

This possibility of such a military developed suicide terrorist has already been realized by a military psychiatrist whose job was to treat these same mentally damaged individuals!

Airport security would be smarter to focus on these very individuals whose professional and even personal history are blatantly disturbing, rather than harass and terrorize elderly, handicapped women and strip search children.

The false meme continues to thrive that “The Troops” defend and protect the wonderful (and steadily decreasing) freedoms you enjoy. Some members of this scary cult will go as far as crediting the very air you breathe to be a gift of compassion from these generous, altruistic warriors. They are therefore rewarded by their loyal, enthusiastic admirers with shouts of support, special favors, and lower baggage fees. Outrageous!

Is my analysis harsh and unfair? Are my concerns misdirected? Please remember, these military slaves take orders from and are compensated by the very gangsters that blanket our lives with an oppressive, ever-growing police state, break down the doors of our homes at will and murder us, and bleed our bank accounts dry with steadily increasing taxes and mandates. They willingly participate in illegal acts of aggression and occupation around the world, enforcing their political master’s edicts with whatever deadly force deemed necessary. They “serve” the very organization that has planned and executed false flag acts of war and “terrorism” throughout history. You can be certain there are more to follow.

Until oppressed individuals recognize that these state directed terrorists are (along with "law" enforcement) the key enforcers of the above mentioned oppression and proudly defend those who instigate this oppression, this state-lead tyranny will not only continue, but will expand with increasing brutality.  And once this realization is reached, how can anyone continue comfortably flying with them?

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