Friday, August 26, 2016

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

“I won’t hide my own belief that there is a growing incompatibility between an increasingly expanding suffrage and the preservation of an established (in the traditional nineteenth-century sense) liberal constitutional order. A point has now been reached in which the government exists less and less to protect property, religious liberty, and an independent civil society. The state operates more and more to satisfy the appetites and internecine grievances of a mass electorate. Moreover, it is impossible to withdraw the suffrage once it has been given to any group (perhaps felons and illegal immigrants will soon be authorized to vote in order to express their newly invented ‘human right.’).”
Paul Gottfried

“Markets are a toolkit with far more tools in it than government has access to. While government has only a few tools – mostly hammers (some sledge), saws, and clamps – the market is filled with many, almost countless, tools. And the market’s tools are much more varied, nuanced, specialized, and creative than are the government’s simple set of tools.”
Donald J. Boudreaux

“Since every pencil, triplicate form, and weapon government ‘owns’ comes from us, is it possible to ‘steal’ from these thieves what they stole from us? Or are those who help themselves to property their taxes bought far less culpable than the government that thieved in the first place?”
Becky Akers

“This is a time of unprecedented economic hedonism, engineered and encouraged by western governments and their central banks. It is sold to us as banal public policy and technical tinkering, when in fact a radical and anti-human ideology underpins it. The arc of human progress, marked by capital accumulation and ever-increasing productivity — at least in healthy societies — has been upended. It’s a slow-motion catastrophe, whereby Americans and Europeans live today at the expense of tomorrow.”
Jeff Deist

“The issue of legality of secession is irrelevant. No tyrannical government will ever simply allow a group of citizens to leave. Those who endlessly argue over the constitutionality of the idea of leaving the union miss the point of the constitution. It’s not a document that the government created to put us on notice. It’s the document we the people created to tell the government how it will act.”
Dallas Brooks

“The drums beating vote, vote, vote, vote, vote aren’t merely calling the ignorant to have greater influence (though that, too, because it benefits politicians of a certain persuasion). The more sinister purpose of the hypnotic beat is to make all its hearers, even the well-informed (and especially the conscientious), believe that, once they v*te, they have done their great, heroic bit for “democracy.” After that they can go home, pop a brew, relax, and let their duly elected leaders (and masses of unelected bureaucrats) handle everything.”
Claire Wolfe

“Personal censorship is driven in part by the need to be emotionally assimilated by the collective. When we break the rules on being politically correct we are subject to ostracism. After we have edited taboo words from our language, it isn’t long before we edit them from our thought process. Eventually we not only edit what we say, but what we think as well. We are so motivated by our infantile need for acceptance that we feel the sting of guilt not just for what we have said, but, importantly, for what we think.”
John Myers

“The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.”
Ernest Hemingway

“In the same way that serious students of ‘anarchy’ understand that complex systems – such as human society – cannot be planned for to produce predictable results, the study of chaos informs us that an orderly world cannot be created by centrally-controlled, collective intention. The world, in its various expressions, is self-ordering, and our failure to live in accordance with this fact has rendered our lives – both personal and societal – destructive. ‘Reality’ is far more complex and interconnected than our ‘either-or’ conditioned minds can explain or direct."
Butler Shaffer

“The Obamacare meltdown has destroyed the conceit that government can improve society through expansion and mandate. It turns out that large stacks of paper don’t automatically bring justice, equality, efficiency, and universal provision.”
Jeffrey Tucker

“To think that I attempted to force the reason and conscience of thousands of men into one mould and I cannot make two clocks agree.”
Emperor Charles V

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