Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Massive Voting Fraud Heading to Texas

In an earlier post, I explained how a court employed by the US Regime has dictated to Texas necessary changes to make voting fraud easier in Texas elections- all in the egalitarian spirit of allowing anyone to vote in any election. The Texas voting requirements were judged to be “discriminatory” because they prevented unqualified “voters” from participating.

Now it is being reported that the state of Texas has decided to bow to their DC rulers:

“The state reached the agreement with the U.S. Department of [in]Justice and minority[non-white] rights groups just a few weeks after a federal appeals court ruled that Texas’ 2011 voter identification law was discriminatory [discriminated against unqualified voters].”

It will now be possible to vote without a photo ID which is the only possible method to show that a voter is exactly who he says he is and the most convenient method of proving US citizenship. Those without such a photo ID only need to sign an affidavit claiming that yes, they most certainly are a US citizen (they would never lie about such a claim) and show proof of residence with a utility bill, bank statement or paycheck.

As the rules stand now, you need a TX driver’s license, DPS personal ID, or Social Slave# to register to vote. To identify yourself at the polls, the present law requires you to show a state driver's license or ID card, a concealed handgun license, a U.S. passport, a military ID card, or a U.S citizenship certificate with a photo. Now, that requirement no longer exists! All you have to do is sign a form saying you are who you say you are and you do meet those requirements. The only other proof required is proof of residence.

So if I wanted to vote in my neighbor’s place, all I have to do is scrounge a utility bill out of his trash, take it to the polls, sign a meaningless document and vote, vote, vote! I would have no worries about being prosecuted for fraud because no one would know my true identity!

“But,” you may ask, “would a significant number of people bother going to such trouble?” They most certainly would if they were paid handsomely by a political party or organization hell bent on winning an election at any cost. Voting fraud is not exactly a rare event in the history of the US Collective. And such political parties and organizations are flush with cash during election season.

It’s not hard to imagine such a group hiring willing individuals, supplying them with stolen personal documents (purchased cheaply on the black market) and sending them to vote in place of some other individual(s), as well as voting as themselves!

Governments are nothing more than protection rackets operated by gangsters. Come election time, when the gangsters ruling longevity is tested by the populace, the gangster “ethic” truly becomes a valuable asset in maintaining that power and longevity. If such a fraud can be so easily accomplished, it will happen. Count on it.

When such frauds are eventually exposed, also count on “minority rights’ groups and FedGov “Justice” hacks to again scream, “racism” and/or “discrimination.” This could very well result in further ridiculous “rulings” declaring such investigations as efforts to further prevent “minorities” from voting. The lunacy will continue.

How can these softer rules not invite fraud? Whether you are a Texan who votes or one who doesn‘t, you should be concerned that those that do vote and decide who robs you the next several years is at least “qualified” to do so. And when the inevitable referendum is offered for Texas independence, you certainly don’t want outsiders deciding the outcome.

Secession, anyone? Or will you continue being a sap by taking their crap?


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