Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hysterical Gun Critics Arm Themselves With Dildos

Concealed carry has been legal on Texas college campuses for about a month now and the Loony Left’s response has certainly been entertaining. The first protest involves openly carrying around dildos on campus.

“Cocks Not Glocks, a protest group formed last fall, is urging students and others to openly carry the sex toys around campus, offering a multicolored counterpoint to the concealed weapons that holders of handgun licenses can now legally carry inside UT classrooms and most buildings.”

When I first saw this news headline, I immediately thought these hoplophobes were throwing out the same, tired canard that people don’t want to be armed to defend themselves but are merely insecure about the size of their penis, and therefore carry a weapon to compensate for that perceived deficiency. However, it turns out I was wrong.

The use of dildos is a to protest the fact that university rules (section 13-201) disallow the display of sex toys in class but now has no prohibition against concealed hand guns carried by permit holders. To the left, such a discrepancy is “obnoxious,” that somehow, the “right” to carry a dildo to class is equivalent to carrying a firearm.

As the left often does, they commit the logical folly of comparing apples with oranges:

1) Comparing permission to openly displaying sex toys to an individual’s ability to protect themselves fails to make any argumentative point. Using such an impractical comparison merely exposes the desperate protest participant as childish, petulant, and intellectually immature.

2) Though based on a vague, poorly worded state law, the sex toy related prohibition is a university created regulation, not a state law. Objectors to this idiotic university rule should spend their time protesting and lobbying the university, not foolishly relating it to a state law protecting individual self defense.

Such an incorrect comparison can best be illustrated by what the university’s response would be to a violation of a university rule and what their response would be to a violation of state law.

Here is a university spokesman responding on how the university would react to the dildo protest where students are openly violating a university profanity regulation:

“UT Austin students are free to express themselves peacefully on all issues. The planned protests around campus carry appear to be examples of protected political speech. We ask that the conversations around this issue remain civil. We encourage students of all opinions to be a part of this and other discussions of public policy.”

So the university is allowing such a violation of a university regulation as “political speech.” Now, what would happen to any individuals protesting the state law prohibiting open carry of long guns (rifles and shotguns) on campus. Present Texas state law allows open carry of such weapons in public with a few exceptions- most notably, at educational institutions.

How would the university react to individuals protesting such an exception by carrying long guns onto campus? Would they allow such a protest to occur, seeing such a display as “protected political speech?” Would they judge such an open carry protest in the same light as this dildo protest? My guess is they wouldn’t. The university’s response would most likely be calling in a large number of highly armed security personnel to neutralize and carry off the defenders to a waiting cage!

Such a response would not only illustrate the hypocrisy inherent in that institution known as “government,” but would also define the profound difference of violation of a rule and violation of a law.

I hereby predict these dildos will cause far more injuries in the months ahead than any improbable injuries by firearms. These hoplophobe pukes don’t seem to realize that guns already have been carried on campus for decades! The only difference is that now the ruling class doesn’t classify it as criminal.

To these protestors I would offer this advice: As you pleasure yourself in your SJW-approved safe space with your new plastic companion, be sure to remember and appreciate the heroic, anonymous gun owners who serve and protect you on campus.


Kent McManigal said...

Since they are protesting concealed carry, shouldn't they carry their dildos concealed?

I know... expecting rationality from anti-liberty bigots is absurd of me.

Enlightened Rogue said...

I think their idea is to open carry their cocks, since doing so violates the rule against open display of sex toys. There is no rule, apparently, against carrying concealed cocks. The absurdity continues…..Whether guns are concealed or not is irrelevant, as pertains to their hoplophobia.