Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome to Bankster-Controlled America, Part II

The Federal Reserve wants Alex Jones to take down his video where he illustrates how the Federal Reserve is a private bank impersonating a Federal agency.

“We have received a privacy claim by agents of the FED,” says Jones on his YouTube channel. “They are threatening to remove the video and take down the channel within 36 hours if we don't bow down to their demands.”

Here are the initial two videos about this most recent development concerning Fed and banker tyranny. The Fed has now moved quickly from monitoring critics in the blogosphere and social media outlets to actively working to censor and restrain people’s speech. Stay tuned for more updates from Alex, later on Monday.

I don’t know if this related to the attack by the FED, but the Alex Jones Channel has received this notice (shown below) from YouTube. One of the channel’s videos has been removed due to “copyright infringement.” The video in question can (at least at this moment) still be viewed here on another channel.

Apparently, the problem arises from the use of a news clip from CTV-Calgary showing their famous “dumb reporter” who is ignorant of the historical record concerning gold being used as a reliable currency.

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