Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
“Libertarians understand that providers under capitalism – in their lexicon meaning the free market without government intervention - have no choice but to offer the best goods and services at the lowest possible prices. If they don't, someone else will. This is not ‘unbridled’ capitalism. Every shopper, every purchaser, every consumer, everyone who pays for services or products, is the bridle of every provider in the marketplace. Companies don't have armies of enforcers gong from door to door demanding that consumers buy from them or go to jail. If they did they wouldn't be companies, they would be the equivalent of governments, and if they could do that they wouldn't bother selling products or services, they would just take people's money at gunpoint.”
Garry Reed

“When nature becomes our government, humans will evolve at an exponentially greater rate. No longer will resources be wasted on national muscle being exercised to show dominance. No longer will people be waiting on their knees to get their fair share squeezed out of their neighbor. And no human being or group of human beings will maintain a significant power without being challenged by the world. Humans will integrate solely based on their volitional interactions with one another, giving them the freedom to master the art of creating the reality out of their imagination without hindrance from another’s.”
Theo Zagetch

“The retention and expansion of political power is the central task of every ruling class throughout history, no matter what their ostensible ideological orientation. Dictatorships, democracies, and everything in between all share this common trait: it is the organizing principle at the core of the policymaking machine, the brain behind the brawn. The various ideological explanations offered by these elites for their actions are invariably self-serving and ultimately irrelevant rationalizations.”
Justin Raimondo

“For sanity’s sake, we must pretend that the money we’re getting – those of us who are getting it – comes from some amorphous 'somewhere' never to be thought about too much. For if each person who received a government check had to confront the reality, had literally to send burly men armed with truncheons and guns over to his next-door neighbor’s home – better yet, had to personally troop over to his neighbor’s home armed with a truncheon or a gun – and accost those poor people himself, in order to force them to “contribute” – then his moral choice would be made crystal clear.
Instead, we have the vote – and speak in euphemisms, politely.”
Eric Peters

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."
Frederic Bastiat

“Veterans apparently cannot understand why such experiences, which they call ‘military service,’ does not make them marketable in the private sector.
Here's a job tip for these veterans: You’re screwed up, dude. You should have gone to trade school or a community college instead of signing up for a mass killing adventure in a Middle East desert. You were fooled. You were lied to by your government. You did not do a damn thing to ‘defend your country.’ All you did was help make more enemies for your country, while making life more dangerous for all of your friends and family via a possible future "blowback" attack. So don't behave like a "greatest generation" veteran and spend the rest of your life wearing one of those stupid ball caps describing what unit you were in when you went on a killing spree when you were 19.”
Thomas DiLorenzo

“The State is everybody’s enemy. Why don’t the [OWS] protesters get this? Because they are victims of propaganda by the State, doled out in public school, that attempts to blame all human suffering on private parties and free enterprise. They do not comprehend that the real enemy is the institution that brainwashes them to think they way they do.”
Lew Rockwell
From the Darkness:
“As a veteran and commander-in-chief of national guard forces, I cannot express enough appreciation for our military service members who have protected and defended American interests in Iraq. Our Iraq war veterans made enormous sacrifices to make our nation and world safer.”
Rick Perry, praising US terrorists

“Others, including myself, have spoken about a new world order, but we are still facing the problem of building such a world order…problems of the environment, of backwardness and poverty, food shortages…all because we do not have a system of global governance.”
Mikhail Gorbachev

“The establishment of a world political Authority should be preceded by a preliminary phase of consultation from which a legitimated institution will emerge that is in a position to be an effective guide and, at the same time, can allow each country to express and pursue its own particular good. The exercise of this Authority at the service of the good...should be made in the interest of all, not only to the advantage of some groups, whether they are formed by private lobbies or national governments.”
From a report at the Vatican’s website supporting global government [More nonsense from the Catholic Cult.]

“Now that military operations in Libya are ending, there will be renewed focus on what practical military options might be considered to protect civilian lives in Syria.”
John McCain, proposing more “humanitarian” killing, this time in Syria

"Obviously, you never like to see anybody come to the kind of end that he [Gaddafi] did, but I think it obviously sends a strong message around the world to dictators that ... people long to be free."
B. Obama [Maybe some day that “message” will reach you, Bankster Boy.]

“Not a single U.S. troop was on the ground [in Libya].. Not a single U.S. troop was killed or injured, and that, I think, is a recipe for success in the future.”
B. Obama, demented, American exceptionalist [So, was it a “success” for the thousands of Libyans you murdered?]

"No country on earth believes government is the problem!"
Slick Willie [Maybe not, but millions of individuals do.]

“On occasion, scientists working on the nuclear program in Iran turn up dead. I think that's a wonderful thing, candidly….I think we should send a very clear message that if you are scientist from Russia or North Korea or from Iran, and you are going to work on a nuclear program to develop a nuclear bomb for Iran, you are not safe."
Rick Santorum, endorsing assassination as a instrument of state policy

“I don’t think we can stop them [Iran] from getting a nuclear weapon without some sort of pre-emptive strike.”
Herman Cain

"The president, he put us in Libya. He is now putting us in Africa. We already were stretched too thin, and he put our special operations forces in Africa."
Michelle Bachmann, not aware that Libya is in Africa

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