Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy the Fed-Dallas! - A Photo Essay

About a week ago, talk show host Alex Jones called for “Occupy the Fed” rallies at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and its branches in Houston and San Antonio in response to the global insurrection against banker occupation. Jones also wanted to point out the true source of the present economic difficulties; this in response to “Occupy Wall Street, ” whose participants voice their displeasure against the symptom of the problem (banker corruption and unaccountability) rather than the cause.

I visited the rally Friday afternoon, October 7, at the Dallas Federal Reserve building at 2200 North Pearl St., Dallas, TX (All photos by Roger Young).

The Dallas Fed is a huge complex rising out of the north Texas prairie. It takes up an entire city block. Why does it need so much space just to produce counterfeit digital money?:

The numbers are small when I first arrive….

…..Yet the doors to this behemoth complex are closely guarded from the masses:

Fencing was strategically placed to corral and control the state’s restless and disobedient livestock….

…and to aid in closely monitoring their activities:

No surprise here- Ron Paulians appeared to be the dominant force among the participants….

…..though Todd, an anarchist from Denton, TX joined the group…..

….and expertly stated his case toward a stateless society:

The message was conveyed to passing motorists by way of concisely worded signs:

….and passionate, informative speech:

Many passers by showed interest and curiosity:

Some messages were composed on site:

Families were prevalent among the demonstrators:

Even the very young showed their concern about their future….

….and even Johnny Law is approached with the message:

Many lively and thought provoking discussions can be heard among the participants:

Need proof the that the “Federal” Reserve is private?

As late afternoon approaches, the numbers start to swell:

No one states the case against the Fed better than Alex Jones (watch here and here):

As the light starts to disappear and twilight approaches, the message remains on track….

….and the enthusiasm grows.....

…..and the watchers watch closer:

Darkness is imminent, but the protest continues…..

….with sovereign individuals becoming ever more defiant……

…..while looking for that elusive peace:


McKee Family said...

Great photos! Thanks so much for sending me the link.

Debbie McKee
Dallas End The Fed

Enlightened Rogue said...

Thanks, Debbie. I believe I met you when you pulled me off my "loft."
Keep up the good work!

amy2x said...

Excellent Pictures.