Monday, October 10, 2011

Quotes of the Week

From the Light:
Due to a busy work schedule this past week, I was unable to do much reading and therefore am unable to pass on small jewels of wisdom to this blog’s readers…….at least from those enlightened authors I enjoy reading.

However, I did manage to catch some babbling ignorance from the darkness.

From the Darkness:
"But if you watch them [Republican presidential opponents] and watch me, the difference in the depth of knowledge and the difference in the ability to debate Obama, the difference in actually having done it at the national level, I can’t only think if you’re worried about the future of the country and you’re worried about how we get the country fixed, I’m a pretty good mechanic who knows how to fix the car and the other folks are good at selling it.
They’re nice people, but they don’t have the knowledge to do something like this on this scale. This is enormously complicated.”
Newt Gingrich, claiming only he is intelligent enough to run the lives of 300 million people

“It may require our military in Mexico.”
Rick Perry, who would consider sending U.S. troops into Mexico to combat drug-related violence

"End capitalism. That is the problem- capitalism. Capitalism has to go.”
Michael Moore, who has made tens of millions from capitalism

"These officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. We're incredibly proud to help them build this program and let them know how much we value their hard work.”
Jamie Dimon, CEO and chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co, who donated an unprecedented $4.6 million donation to the New York City Police Foundation at the very moment the NY police were brutalizing Wall Street protestors
[They certainly keep your sorry, criminal ass safe. Your time at the guillotine will come, my friend.]

"President Obama has elected to continue the Bush administration’s post-9/11 policy of authorizing the killing of U.S. citizens abroad if there is strong evidence of their involvement in terrorist activities. There is believed to be an official, secret list of those citizens who can be targeted. The elimination of a man who methodically planned to kill hundreds of his fellow Americans is exhibit A for the wisdom of this policy. To be sure, a great deal of care needs to be taken in identifying those on the list. However, American citizenship shouldn’t protect someone living abroad from suffering the immediate consequences of plotting mass murders on American soil."
Mark Peredes, Deseret News, defending the US Dictator’s new found power to assassinate anyone he deems unworthy

"As we continue our close cooperation with Nigeria through the second year of our Bi-national Commission, we will set forth our priorities, and they include improving governance, fighting corruption, delivering services more effectively to the people.
We want to work with Nigeria and West Africa to improve security and to make sure that we also address the legitimate needs of people before extremists have a chance to exploit them"
Queen Hillary outlining her plan on how she will rule Nigeria

"This is America's moment. We should embrace the challenge, not shrink from it, not crawl into an isolationist shell, not wave the white flag of surrender, nor give in to those who assert America's moment has passed. That is utter nonsense.
This century must be an American century. In an American century, America has the strongest economy and the strongest military in the world. God did not create this country to be a nation of followers. America is not destined to be one of several equally balanced global powers. America must lead the world, or someone else will."
Mitt Romney, looking for more God-inspired wars

“You would think that the president and the people in Washington would recognize the importance of the United States military and the need not to shrink our military budget but strengthen it.”
Mitt Romney, looking for a pay raise for the state’s hired assassins

“I can say very clearly that any kind of U.S. presence (in Iraq) demands that we protect and provide the appropriate immunity for our soldiers.”
Leon Panetta, demanding blanket protection from accountability for his hired assassins

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