Tuesday, June 7, 2011

'Remember' - An Update

I was very pleased with the popularity and reaction to my video, “Remember,” which I uploaded to YouTube on Memorial Day weekend. Checking this morning, I see where it has over 33,000 views, 100 comments, a favorable rating of 98%, and has been viewed on every continent. Well, we‘re not sure about Antarctica. My delight is sobered, however, by the fact that a thirty second video of a screaming cat has received nearly 54 million views.

Regardless, this experience has convinced me of the power and reach of the internet (particularly YouTube) and has made me realize that, like it or not, more people will watch a video than ever read an essay, let alone a book.

I’ve always believed in the power of the written and spoken word as an effective tool to educate, persuade, motivate and inspire others. I’ve also believed that a well composed image delivered within the proper context can be just as powerful and effective. But if you combine these two methods you can really knock people’s socks off.

I received a number of wonderful messages from people about the video. But one of the most interesting was from a gentlemen by the name of NguyenKha PhamThanhChuong. Chuong is originally from Vietnam. Here is his website. He was one of the “boat people” who escaped the communist government in Vietnam in 1983. He returned to Vietnam in 1997, but was expelled for anti-government activities. He said he also lived in Forth Smith, Arkansas and Santa Ana, California from 2002-2004.

Chuong expressed a willingness to me to translate the text of “Remember” into Vietnamese and overdub the video. I was only too happy to oblige. He taped the translation, emailed me an mp3 file, and it was inserted into the show as the new soundtrack. It will be interesting to see how many people view it:

Chuong has been working for years, also, to convince others of the folly of war and state obedience: “My people, although experienced in many brutal wars, are still addicted to jingoism, glorifying wars and worshiping the State,” he says. Here are some of his essays published in the past at LewRockwell.com:

"Plea From a Simple Vietnamese"

"We, the People Can Make a Difference"

"A Piece of Myself"

"Please, Help Me!"

“I just do my tiny part in this common cause against statism, its deceitful 'righteousness' of nationalism, and its madness of war," adds Chuong. "I remember Ludwig von Mises said, so true, that, 'whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism.' I am doing just that, Roger."

 He says he has left writing in English to focus on Vietnamese audiences and readers.

Chuong thanked me “for being here with us and for speaking out on what many people dare not do." Thank you, Chuong for doing your part and for such a unique and satisfying partnership.

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