Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Price is Right

Long time Dallas County shakedown artist, street gangster, and racial bigot, John Wiley Price has found swarms of FBI jackboots searching his home, office and coworkers this week.

One point of interest (among many) to the federal jackboots seems to be the large number of automobiles the commissioner has at his home. Many of these automobiles, as it turns out, were previously owned by Dallas County inmates, i.e., prisoners of the Dallas County regime who were kidnapped and stripped of their property.

According to the report, “In situations like these, there is a little-known state law that lets county clerical workers to hold secret hearings to establish clear title and rule as they see fit.” In other words, tax parasites get together over lunch and decide who gets to steal what automobile. Easy pickins’ and the price is certainly right!

The state is a criminal syndicate that exists to benefit its members and those loyal partners in crime who choose to associate with it. This is the reason for its creation. This is the motivation for its continued existence. And this is what sparks its growth and expansion. This is true no matter what level of rule (city, county, state, federal), no matter what geographical location, and no matter what culture. This fact is as universal as gravity.

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