Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Used to Call Them Bums

Now we call them "state workers."

Austin recently hosted a Rally For Robbery attended by state dependents:
“More than 1,000 people from across Texas are in Austin Wednesday morning to protest state budget cuts. They rode in on buses from El Paso to Dallas, south to Houston and everywhere in between.”

I guess you could consider it encouraging that only about a thousand people turned out to rally to sustain state parasitism out of a population of 25 million. But this small group of miscreants have an amazing amount of influence, particularly since their message is passed on repeatedly by the state regulated media.

I find it disturbing that people are so dependent or feel so entitled to other people’s wealth that they will travel hundreds of miles to yell and scream to maintain their handout. I also find it interesting that these are people with state “jobs”- yet they have the free time to travel on a “work” day. Or they are so poor that they need assistance- yet they have the money for bus fare and travel.

“Jobs are on the line; my job is on the line, her job is on the line, all of our jobs are on the line today.”

Try working a job in the market place, sir where your job is “on the line” every day! It’s called the Real World. If you don’t satisfy your customers and make a profit your job disappears! It’s called competition. Your job, however, is financed through coercion and political brutality. We can’t be sure if your job produces anything useful because it is immune to the natural, peaceful forces of the market place. If your job was worthy and actually providing a useful service, people would be more than willing to support it voluntarily. Since it has to be financed through force and theft, I would have to suspect that it is not worthy.

What you see here are the absolute dregs of humanity, all congregating to demand their special favors and who feel they have some divine right to live at the expense of others. Watch these roaches, rodents, and other creatures of the Parasite Class scurry and clamor for their handouts while insisting that the Productive Class has some divine obligation to pay for them! This motley collection of educrats, union thugs, sex molesters, child abusers and common thieves represent the flotsam of the human race. Why do we tolerate them? Isn’t it time to let this debris sink into the depths of their own spiritual squalor?

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