Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The State Exposed- Part II

It seems some Dallas tax eaters are frightful that there may not be enough cash in the kitty to cover their bloated salaries. Therefore, they are taking an activist approach in securing the necessary revenue:

“A new Dallas County task force needs to raise $2 million in six months in order for its members to stay employed.

The strike team is made up of constables and sheriff's deputies whose jobs would be lost to budget cuts unless they can find and convince people to pay their outstanding fines.”

It seems that 25 “officers” (constables and sheriff deputies) will be doing nothing for months except extracting revenue from poor, unfortunate dolts who had the misfortune of violating some irrational, nonsensical, illegitimate “law” and owes a fine to their masters. It’s punishment for being such a reckless and irresponsible “citizen.” I’m sure these revenue seekers will be able to “convince” such scofflaws to pay up- giving them a “voluntary” choice of paying or getting a free ride to the local hoosegow.

Finally! These thugs with badges are exposed for what they truly are- REVENUE COLLECTORS. Instead of "Serve and Protect" their motto should be HARRASS AND COLLECT! If people truly valued their services they would voluntarily pay for them. They wouldn’t need to scour the county, looking for individuals to shake down to keep them in “business.” For you people who think the police are worthy protectors, look closely- here they are threatening people for protection money- no different then the mafia!

The reasons police exist is not for protection of the “citizenry” (captive slaves) but as a force to extract the revenue necessary to support itself and to continue its plunder and criminal racket- all under the guise of a protection monopoly.

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