Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gang Wars- Part II

Every once in a while, Texas Head Gangster, Rick Perry will voice opinions that seem to parallel those of state’s rights proponents and those who believe in the sovereignty of individual American states. These are carefully calculated to keep alive the myth that The Head Gangster (sometimes called “Governor”) truly believes this and to cover his hard allegiance to the terrorist US regime.

Such is the case recently when he criticized Emperor Obama regarding the ownership of stolen property- sometimes called “federal dollars:”

“We are a donor state. I would be happy if they send us back what we send up there. So, the idea that Texas is somehow not going to receive money back, now we don't want money that has strings attached to it.”

“No, I'm not a big fan of Washington, D.C. I think they have taken way too much liberty in telling the states how to run their business.”

What you have here is merely a squabble between competing gang leaders, from the DC Gang and the Austin Gang. They are arguing over who has first dibs over the wealth stolen from their human livestock. If Perry persists in his attitude of “independence” he will be handled the same as past DC puppets who have misbehaved. Think Saddam and Gaddafi. The DC Gang leader has thousands of obedient solider goons positioned throughout Texas who will invade and occupy Austin to create a military dictatorship, if so ordered by their DC master. The DC Gang leader might decide such action is too messy and not politically palatable, so he will merely have Perry taken out. He has already claimed the power to assassinate any American he deems a “terrorist” (meaning anyone who objects to or resists his rule). Plus he already has his murderous drones flying our skies, piloted by still more soldier goons- these housed in a trailer park in Nevada. Order will be restored and the human livestock within Texas will be reminded just who their REAL master is.

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