Friday, April 29, 2011

Superman Goes Stateless

Word comes this week that Superman is set to “renounce his U.S. citizenship in a move aimed at giving him more global clout and authority.” That’s the comic book version of Superman, of course, who will be making the bold move.

I’m glad to see that even comic book heroes have the sense to ditch their slavish nationalism (to whatever state, by whatever name, with whatever political system) and merely become children of God/Creation, walking the earth, serving others.

It’s too bad not enough flesh and blood people have that sense and courage. It’s too bad that more real people don’t realize that “serving your country” is not the same as being obedient, submissive and loyal to the nation state that claims to own you. It’s a shame that real people maintain allegiance to some abstract political union, rather than loyally defend timeless principles that promote peaceful, productive interaction with others. And it’s downright tragic that many still believe that when and how well you practice these principles depends on what particular patch of dirt your feet happen to be resting on.

Collectivism and nationalism are to two diseases that must be eradicated if civilization is to survive and prosper. I’ve never been a comic book reader but have always respected the art form and how it can efficiently spread ideas and social memes. Perhaps Superman’s message of personal sovereignty will inspire real people to live the same.

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