Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Your Kids, Your Problem

School is back in session and parents are upset in a certain Dallas neighborhood. It seems that there is no longer a police officer escorting young students across a busy intersection on their way to elementary school.

"As you can see, it's a very busy school, and having a crossing guard is imperative to the kids' safety," said concerned parent Shari London. It seems the sense of entitlement is not restricted by any demographic or societal factors. It seems to be a universal affliction of the entire population.

It’s ironic when you realize that these folks are probably the same ones that complain (and rightly so) about increasing taxes, yet they are the first to complain when even the tiniest “service” is cut. Is there any spirit of self-reliance remaining? Has the idea of individual responsibility, at least as it pertains to caring for your children, completely evaporated? The mentality that others (particularly, the state) are responsible for the safety of people’s children is well embedded in the statist psyche. When that perceived responsibility is not being met, the state’s subjects cry out with displeasure.

Why don’t these people solve the problem themselves, instead of whining and begging others to do it. Form an association of parents and have individuals take turns volunteering to help. Helping children across the street is not brain surgery. If your typical brain dead cop can do it, surely you can. Or, parents can pool their money and hire someone to do the task, and for a lot less money than it costs to feed one LEO tax eater.

What a great opportunity to take charge. What a great opportunity to show the plundering rulers that their “services” are not necessary. What a great and very easy opportunity to show that your children are your responsibility and you will do what’s necessary yourself to assure their safety.

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