Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snapshot of the State

Ed Epley's 1961 Volkswagen van is seen in front of the Benton County courthouse during a one-hour peace vigil Wednesday Aug.4, 2010, in Corvallis, Ore. Epley has been doing this, day in and day out, since the U.S. launched its first air strikes on Afghanistan on Oct. 7, 2001. Every afternoon, seven days a week.


“As much as the terrain has shifted under our feet and presented us with an even steeper uphill trek, we still have a duty to oppose the crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan that our rulers are committing, with our tax money, in our name.”
Dennis O’Neil and Eric See

“As long as the organized antiwar movement remains a leftist sandbox, where sectarians get to pontificate – and do little else – it will stay a sideshow. Once we get beyond all that nonsense, however, there are no limits to what we can do: just look at the polls. The American people are with us – and they’re ready to join us in our fight. Indeed, they’ve never been readier. The question is: are we ready to receive them, and lead them?”
Justin Raimondo

“For too long the peace movement has been like a bird with only a left wing. It can barely fly and when it does it seems to go in circles. Perhaps a bird with two wings will fly better?”
Kevin B. Zeese

There a few folks out there with the resilience to fight for what’s right, decent and civilized and will not be dissuaded. People will eventually tire of the killing nonsense and the integrity and wisdom of folks like Mr. Epley will finally be recognized and admired.

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