Monday, August 23, 2010

Light Flashes

Military dog comes home from Iraq traumatized

Suck it up and tough it out! You must continue to serve your master country!

Here’s another characteristic soldier boys have in common with animals- they can be trained to be obedient to a master. Statists call this service. Free living people call this humiliating slavery. American humorist Robert Benchley summed up this reality decades ago- “A boy can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importance of turning around three times before lying down.”

Maybe we can now include the animal rights kooks on the anti-war bandwagon. War is unhealthy and deadly for any species.

AP: Garland lawmaker admits pocketing travel money

This just goes to show that politicians can be both crooked AND dumb. Politi-gangsters are notorious thieves, as well as hypocrites. This kind of individual is drawn towards political “work” where there’s easy pickins’ if you can successfully cover your crimes with smooth talking and effective salesmanship.

"Now you're scaring the heck out of me. It pretty well screws my week," the state congress critter whined when his “double dipping” was exposed by the reporter. Consider it mild payback sir, for the taxpayers you have been screwing for years.

Autistic child beaten while in state custody

The state is the most violent, corrupt, despicable creation of mankind that attracts the lowest common denominator to man its ranks. Why would anyone trust their children to such a creature?

The state considers its subjects as livestock to be carefully managed and directed. Violence and injury awaits those who resist- even those who are mentally and physically challenged.

GOP senator suggests mosque will be election issue

What does it say for the relevance and viability of a political party when one of its key philosophical planks include religious bigotry, hate mongering, and scapegoating.

DoD releases final report on Fort Hood shootings

Why do hired assassins need “emergency response capabilities?” There’s not a man or woman on any military base that is not adept at handling a weapon. Why can’t they just be relied on to defend themselves? Or do the powers-that-be not trust individual soldiers to arm and defend themselves, just as they won’t trust civilians to do the same?

Residents wearing swimsuits protest Dallas city pool closures

Dallas’ parasite class is in an uproar. They are not getting their swimming pools this summer due to recent city budget cutbacks. Apparently, in the age of Obama, a clean and well maintained neighborhood swimming pool has become an entitlement. Denying such privileges is tantamount to a complete lack of compassion.

"We think it is unfair to hold down the taxes of the rich by tearing down the programs of the poor," said John Fullinwider, a parasite “leader“ for decades in Dallas. "I've never seen such affluence refusing to tax itself. I know it's hard times, but you have to think for the future."

And whose “future” would that be, Mr. Fullinwider? The future of your friends who claim I have an obligation to pay for their summer entertainment and comfort? Or the future of working taxpayers who are forced at the point of a gun to finance your frivolous activities? Are their futures not significantly hampered when they are poorer?

The threat from such lowlifes used to be “Wee gonna riot,” if their demands were not met. Now it’s, “Our kids will be pushed toward the streets with nothing else to occupy them.” I’m just trying to think about those millions of youth in the past who never even saw a swimming pool, let alone swam in one, and who managed to live honorable, productive lives, despite this “hardship.” No swimming this summer? Sit next to a fan and read a book!

Michelle Obama portrait debuts at Smithsonian
The display features “famous names from science, business, government and the arts.” And exactly which category would Ms. Obama fall into? Government? Exactly what office or hired or appointed position does she hold?

This is how the plundering, ruling elites do things in DC. They rob you blind to fund their own perverted entertainment.

The wife of the POTUS is automatically considered royalty. Since the mundane of the world are not worthy to be in her physical presence, this “art” display allows you to bow to her painted likeness.

More Texas parents opt for home schooling

It’s encouraging to see more and more parents taking the initiative to educate their children, rather than to just drop them off at the local state baby sitting and indoctrination center and hope for the best.

An individual cannot remain free (let alone recognize true freedom) if their minds are not allowed to flourish and think. An individual cannot remain sovereign if merely trained to follow orders like a trained circus animal.


Don Emmerich said...

Good stuff, Roger.

And there's something to this: "Maybe we can now include the animal rights kooks on the anti-war bandwagon." A good many people in my family (most of them pro-war) seem to care a helluva lot more about animals than people -- so whatever works, right?

Enlightened Rogue said...

Thanks, Don. Maybe this message to the war loving, animal rights nuts will work: “Please, Please! Don’t bomb (pick a name) country! They have millions of kitty cats and puppy dogs!