Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bullying- It’s the American Way

People around the DFW are understandably upset about several child suicides in the past year. The children were the ages of 15, 13, and 9. It’s hard to imagine how a 9 year would even know how to commit such an act, let alone desire to. All the children involved apparently were relentlessly harassed by bullies. Blame is being cast in all directions for these tragedies. But I think one very important factor is being left out.

From birth, these children are taught and indoctrinated to respect and give unbending allegiance to a state that bullies, tortures, and murders people around the world. It’s called “foreign policy.” It also performs similar acts of violence and coercion against its own subjects. It’s called “law enforcement” and “regulation.” I’m speaking, of course, of the criminal syndicate known as the US government. All these coercive activities are considered by mainstream thought as legitimate and necessary.

These children are taught to respect and fawn over a man called The President who bullies, tortures, and murders on a daily basis. The more he bullies, tortures and murders, the greater man he is considered. Look at most any list of the “Greatest Presidents” and the ones with the most blood on their hands and destruction on their resumes are usually at or near the top of the list. Why be surprised that children pick up on this and see bullying as a legitimate method of dealing with others?

Children’s minds are near empty slates and they are keenly receptive to and influenced by other’s attitudes and behavior, as well as the various hierarchal, authoritarian relationships around them. They also pick up quite a bit from the ubiquitous media, specifically television. Adults have long ago been indoctrinated and hardened to the state’s deranged activities. They’ve learned to accept them as normal. Acceptance of state control and its requisite obedience is seen as a sign of maturity and good “citizenship.”

Until children are specifically taught at an early age that violence and coercion is unethical and unjustifiable when practiced by ANYONE, expect them to imitate the actions of the most dominating influence in their life- the state.

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