Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shakedown for Santa

The US Marines have long operated Toys for Tots to assuage their guilt over the untold numbers of children murdered around the world the past year. Now, there’s a local police force that has one-upped their military colleagues in hubris by extorting citizens to “give” to their own toy giveaway- Tickets for Tots.

This news report starts by claiming people have been calling the Sansom Park, TX police, complaining they won’t be able to provide Christmas gifts to their children this year. Do people really do that- call the police about their predicament instead of a charity? Or this that just a phony premise to justify the extortion to follow.

When the friendly officers pull over a driver for a moving violation, the driver is given the option of donating a toy to this program instead of paying a fine. I love how the police consider it “voluntary.” Your choice is pay a steep traffic fine or donate a $10 toy to the kind hearted police. Some choice!

State agents have found a new reason to exact tribute from the masses- to supply toys to needy children! Now the typical non-thinking Boobus can feel good and generous at the same time he’s being fleeced. Ain’t America great?

People have become so impressed with the program that individuals from around the country are sending in donations- having now been instilled, no doubt, with the precious spirit of extortive giving!

Here’s a better name for these monster’s program- Shakedown for Santa!

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