Thursday, March 5, 2009

Take Their Guns and Give Them Butter

The Dallas police are beating their chests in pride after collecting 147 guns from clueless citizens in exchange for $50 grocery gift cards. One local politi-gangster made the outrageous claim that, “Some of those guns are ones our officers are up against.” He wants us to believe that criminals or potential criminals actually turned in their tools of the trade in exchange for a few bucks to buy potato chips.

One participant claims his “Christian faith” inspired him to turn in his weapons. Apparently I missed that part of the New Testament where Christ instructs believers to hand over their means of defense in exchange for manna from the state. I wonder if these yokels even realize that their guns are being purchased with their money, i.e., stolen tax dollars! It’s bad enough that the country is rife with pseudo-Christian militarists justifying killing for Jeezus. Now we have these same miscreants rationalizing stealing for the Savior, as well!

Apparently, these individuals were never instilled with or have forgotten the principles of self-reliance and individual responsibility. To not take the initiative towards defending yourself and your family is the height of irresponsibility. That initiative should include at least owning, and being capable of using, a firearm. To voluntarily surrender that means of protection in exchange for a collective defense (protection racket) operated by gangsters is the equivalent of voluntary servitude.

“It takes only one gun, one shot to destroy a family,” claims the interviewed city pol. Exactly! And that’s JUST what will happen when that family has no way to defend itself!

As for me, keep your grocery cards, you two-bit swine.
From my cold, dead fingers, you scurrilous jackboots, FROM MY COLD, DEAD FINGERS!!


Fester said...

Most of the guns collected were probably worth less than $50 and the sellers were acting in their best interest. I remember as a kid I found a handgun in the dirt, it was all rusted out, but if I could have sold it for $50, I would have, and the government is the only ones who would pay that much for a POS rusty gun.

Enlightened Rogue said...

Participating in such a ludicrous activity as a "gun buy-back" only strengthens the state's resolve to disarm the populace.

The high number of participants gives the state the feedback necessary to legitimize (as least in their minds)that they are doing the right thing.

The $50 you get is STOLEN money.

Fester said...

Hey look I understand these days, but the time period I was talking about when I was in possession of the rusty shooter I was not as principled as I am these days. I was merely trying to point out that for all of the states bragging that it is unlikely that they actually did anything more than over pay for some guns that probably were not even in working condition.