Friday, March 20, 2009

Light Flashes

Family gathers at bedside of actress Natasha Richardson

If only the government would pass more laws, bad things like this would cease to occur. Obviously, the skiing industry has been deregulated for too long without sufficient oversight by our government protectors.

A Department of Skiing Safety should be created, post-haste. Perhaps, a Ski Safety Czar should also be appointed. Tragedies such as this should not be tolerated.

For God’s sake, Mr. Obama, DO something!

$72K repaid to Mesquite for NYC trips

Corruption is an inherent characteristic of government. It’s the nature of the beast.

People should fight back by NOT voting and participating in the state’s sham elections.

When you vote you give legitimacy to an inherently corrupt institution that claims ownership of your life.

Bush refuses to criticize Obama in Canada

Why should he criticize him? Obama is continuing the policies of war, destruction, national bankruptcy (which he has raised several notches), corporate bailouts, torture, and spying that Bush initiated.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Dallas shopping mall seeks financial aid

Watch all the little piggys suckle on the Federal teat.Looking for a hand out and a bail out has become the new American Way. Pathetic.

If the mall has attracted two “potential buyers” why is it seeking stolen money?

Bailout money goes to firms with unpaid taxes

Government crooks helping banking and corporate crooks. Plundering one party to enrich another is a founding principle of the state. It’s a primary reason why the institution exists.

When the crime is exposed, the politi-gangsters feign mock surprise and disgust so as not to tip off their clueless constituency of their complicity- and participation in- the crime.

The timeless racket of state pillage continues due to the extraordinary talent the state has of cloaking their crimes beneath a disguise of apparent benevolence and compassion.

Master Obama is a true artist at this kind of deception and sleight of hand.

Our Neighbor: Patriot Paws

Please! Spare us the continuing myth that these confused soldier boys “fight for our freedom.” They fight for, and take orders from, the ruling regime.

If they truly are “fighting for your (my) freedom,” they are doing a pretty lousy job. I’m becoming less free every day- thanks to the ruling regime they work for, take orders from, and get paid by.

If they were truly “fighting for my freedom” they would be actively defending the US Constitution, as they took an oath to do. Instead, they openly spit on it by defending an outlaw regime and participating in illegal, unconstitutional wars.
If these soldier boys were truly “fighting for your (my) freedom,” they would be busy vacating the halls of, and padlocking the doors of, the heinous District of Criminals!

Documents raise more HOV safety concerns

Government roads are designed to satisfy the social engineers, not drivers. If this costs a few lives, the state will always justify this tragedy as a necessary cost- just as it justifies killing thousands of Iraqis in order to “free them.”

Privately built and owned roads are built to satisfy the customer and his requirements for speed, efficiency and safety.

Which type of road would YOU rather drive on?

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