Thursday, March 26, 2009

Light Flashes

Dallas deputy admits guilt in cocaine scheme

Don’t you love it when the state eats its own, while enforcing its silly, stupid, irrational laws?

Its saves us freedom fighters so much time and effort.

Fill the prisons with cops! That’s where they belong!

Irving student campaigns for an old official: Texas State Dinosaur

My first thoughts were what a waste of time debating such trivial matters.
I then realized that the more time the legislature spends arguing such irrelevant issues, the less time it has to find new ways to invade the lives and pocketbooks of peaceful individuals.

This young man may be on to something, without realizing it. It’s obvious he’s being raised a statist.

My vote is for General Motors.

Bees smother car, swarm season begins

Why doesn't Obama DO something? How are we supposed to live in utopia when our government protectors allow such things to happen?

Pass a law requiring automobile manufacturers to develop a bee-resistant auto paint. Pass a law requiring all bee colonies to register with the state before swarming to a new location.

Something MUST be done! Doing nothing is NOT an option!

`Hillary: The Movie,' now showing at Supreme Court

"Felonious advocacy?"

And they keep telling me this is a free country? The fact that someone can utter such a phrase without being attacked in kind says a lot about people’s slavish attitudes toward the state.

McCain-Feingold is nothing but a protective screen for politi-gangsters. McCain learned well from his North Vietnamese captors.

The number one priority of those in power is to STAY in power.

Geithner plans to get millions in toxic assets off books of struggling banks

So, the bankers (inspired by state regulators) make poor decisions and the taxpayer gets stuck with the bill- through more public debt and a devalued dollar.

Meanwhile, these same bankers and their supporting politi-gangsters continue to live the high life, while the lowly tax serf (and his great-great-great grandchildren) get stuck paying for their idiocy and irresponsible behavior.

The profits are privatized but the losses are socialized. Folks, this is 100%, pure FASCISM!

Broken Wylie water main leaking 3,000 gallons an hour

No surprise here. This is typical behavior when the government controls the distribution of a resource. No one actually owns the resource, so the people that claim control over it see no need for a swift repair.

If the water was actually owned by a private enterprise, the loss of this resource would not be tolerated, as it would affect the profitability of the enterprise. Repairs would be quickly completed.

When the state owns a resource it has absolutely no incentive to manage it properly.

Texas is taking a greater interest in global warming

Anthropogenic global warming is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on humanity. A well-read 10 year old can easily dispute and disprove this goofy theory.

But leave it to the state- they have no problem passing on a scam and destroying lives if they and their politically connected friends can make a few bucks on the deception.

Officials question plan to tax bailout bonuses

As much as I despise the reality of these bonuses, the fact is this legislation is unconstitutional. As Jeff Langr points out in the STR Blog, it violates Article I, Section 9- “No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.” The bill would make the 90% tax on AIG retroactive to December 31, 2008.

They also would be punished without benefit of a trial, another violation of the once sacred Constitution.

But then, since when (at least in our lifetime) has this piece of paper prevented the thieving, murderous, money-counterfeiting US Government from doing what ever it pleases.

You soldier boys in the military take an oath to “defend the US Constitution” from domestic enemies. The obvious domestic enemy that currently exists is the permanent ruling regime that occupies the District of Criminals. Their actions certainly deserve being defended against.

Come on, soldier boys, where are you when we really need you? You were absent on 9/11 and you continue to be neglectful in your duties.
No violence necessary- just evacuate and padlock the place. How hard can that be? No enraged, well-armed insurgents to deal with- just a motley collection of pointy headed, pot-bellied bureaucrats to gently sweep out the door. Bring some beer and make a party out it. Truly “serve your country” for a change!

Obama administration unveils plan to help banks

These "toxic" loans will then be wrapped up into tidy little securities to be sold to your pension fund or 401k. They then default and what's left of your retirement disappears.

Does this sound familiar? The scam worked before with no consequences. Why not do it again?

Union OKs strike at AT&T

Don't like your job? Go find another, better one. That's what honest people do.

So you work in the "landline division?" You should be thankful you still HAVE a job, considering that quickly aging dinosaur. Those jobs are doomed. You might as well be working in a buggy whip factory.

Nations Start to Agree on Paying for Climate Pledges

What are these “pledges”? Are they sacrifices to Gaia?

“In December, China, India and other developing nations failed to win agreement from industrialized nations on increasing funding by about $20 billion to help poor nations cope with the damage caused by climate change.”

You just know that ANY problem that arises related to climate (floods, drought, storms, volcanic eruptions, etc.) will be considered “caused by climate change.” You can also add AIDS (or any other disease), poverty, psychological problems, ADD, restless leg syndrome, and the heartbreak of psoriasis.

You can always find some crooked scientist to testify that “climate change” caused any or all of these problems, as well.

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