Thursday, May 11, 2017

US Crimes of the Week

Truthful headlines offering you more reasons to separate yourselves from The Regime’s madness:

Regime Offers Bonus To Military

Not to actually win a war but to train others how to lose a war. And you pay for it!

The purge of the internet has officially begun. No “laws” necessary when you have a complicit, state apologist, propaganda bureau posing as “independent media.”

The second one, that is. I’m sure plans are already underway for the next round of bombing….and even more profitable reconstruction.

It’s all necessary to continue the propaganda. Hubris and hypocrisy are necessary character traits to qualify as a Regime Stooge.

“One airline employee tells him that under FAA regulations, 2-year-old children are not supposed to have their own seats at all and are supposed to sit in parents' laps for the duration of the flight.”

And yet:

“…the websites for both the FAA and Delta appear to encourage parents to buy separate seats for young children and use a child safety restraint system.”

Surprise! The Regime produces contradictory gibberish. And rational people are expected to understand and follow it.

How ironic- True, confirmed terrorists warning us about imaginary, speculative terrorists.

I guess they think you can assault the crew by giving them paper cuts.

For some time they have blamed the personal failures and poor choices of politically protected non-whites on the R-word. To disagree with such improbable assertions, of course, makes you…….racist. Now they use racism to blame the unhealthy choices made by sickly non-whites.

Note this passage: “Researchers said the link between racism and health is significant. However, they can’t be 100% sure racism is the cause unless more thorough experimenting is done.”
Translated: “We need billions in more funding to be stolen from tax serfs!”

A headline coming soon to a Regime Rag near you-
“Racism Causes Climate Change”

The Chosen One can get away with in plain sight what the Russians are accused of doing with no evidence. He also got away with the same crime while sitting on the throne.

But, of course, to point out such evidence and fact is.....“racist.”

Only in the depraved world of the political elites is committing murder, theft, tyrannical oppression and general crimes against humanity seen as “providing young people of all backgrounds with an example they can emulate in their own lives.”

His adoring climate kooks are confused- continue to bow to His Highness or (gulp) actually criticize his excessive, hypocritical use of evil fossil fuels.

This battle, along with its participants, disappears with secession.

Uber finds a clever away to avoid the goon regulators and The Regime doesn’t like it.

How dare they survey a hostile warship full of terrorists immediately off their coast?  How dare they create such a “nuisance” with their “bad behavior?” What nerve! What hubris these Iranians have!

They want to create robots who can autonomously decide whether to kill you or not.

The residents of such zones not only protect fleeing refugees but ISIS, the supposed enemy.

They complain the “sharing economy” doesn’t “share the wealth.”
Translated: The productive activity of the “sharing economy” can’t be looted by state gangsters and parasites.

“It surprises me what some people try to take on an airplane,” says one goon. I would answer that it’s the type of individual who has not been entirely, enslaved, domesticated, and cowed by the terrorist regime that claims to rule them.

Why? They just want to import Cuban rum to sell in their state controlled liquor stores. So we have state gangster/monopolists colliding with Regime trade-gatekeepers. 

NPR has long been a favorite organ for disinformation.

Some good news for the resistance:

Excellent! Maybe they’ll start exiting some of the 80 countries they are presently terrorizing.

There are a lot of potential secessionists out there.

A worthy action even if they have to settle for assistance from the state who is charged by its subjects with such a duty. Ideally, these property owners could deal with such invaders with any measure of force they deem necessary.

They’re also known as “refugees.” Texas is leading the resistance with more states to follow.

Compassion requires we offer help to this sickly, deranged, psychopath. The good news? This babbling creature represents your opposition’s best and brightest.

Why remain a suffering subject? Secession, anyone?


Kent McManigal said...

A few years ago I started fixing headlines in this way to post on FB. I called it "The Truth in Headlines Project". I sorta let it slide, mostly because I got fed up with reading "the news", but I need to remember to do this every time I post a "news" story that has a dishonest statist slant (but I repeat myself) to the headline.

Enlightened Rogue said...

Kent- The “honest” headline is secondary in purpose to illustrating the number of crimes The Regime commits against its subjects in just one week, thereby (hopefully) encouraging those subjects to see secession as a useful option. If I spent more time looking, I probably could find several times as many crimes.
The challenge is not to sound repetitive, as The Regime tends to commit the same crimes over and over again.