Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"What keeps a truly civil society together isn’t laws, regulations, and police. It's peer pressure, social opprobrium, moral approbation, and your reputation. These are the four elements that keep things together. Western Civilization is built on voluntarism. But, as the State grows, that’s being replaced by coercion in every aspect of society."
Doug Casey

"Is liberty possible without fraternity – without some common, national bond?  Clearly, as we see played out throughout the west, the answer is no – as traditional national bonds are broken, society fragments and calls for ever-greater government action are made."
Bionic Mosquito

"Before the rise of legislative law, the private, decentralized, and polycentric common-law system was effective at promoting peace and public order because it lacked the monopoly power of a centralized state. Under both models, laws are never determinate or universally objective. But under a private law system, bad decisions that were not accepted by the public or viewed as overreaches could not be coercively imposed on society. This system of checks and balances allowed laws beneficial to the protection of private property to flourish while weeding out the bad laws."
Robert Taylor

"What is inflation? Just pull your wallet out and get a green piece of paper called dollars or currency. You have in your hand inflation, a product of the 'money creators.'
Every dollar created as well as all the credit created is inflation. This is a huge secret of the elite insiders.
The important thing to understand is that inflation (creating money) is theft coupled with destruction of wealth and eventually ruin. All who hold dollars are at risk but few realize it."
Bob Livingston

"Peaceful relations among men, where you are free to do whatever you choose so long as you do not violate the person, property or contractual obligation of another, can only exist in a cohesive society. A cohesive society shares common language, culture and values. When those are no longer shared, division results."
Andrew Piziali

"I see an undue level of fear, though, over the cultural Marxists. I see guys going out to counter-protest little 96 pound, vegan Antifa kids by strapping on ballistic plates or soft body armor and SAP gloves like they think they are going to war. I have to chuckle a little because it showcases the conservative tendency to meet every threat with a nuclear over-response (metaphorically speaking… in some cases).  Remember, in most situations these college-age weaklings have no clue what they are doing, they can barely move around in those skinny jeans they all wear and half of the men identify as women. This is not a group of well trained, bloodthirsty Cheka; they are incompetent and fumbling in the dark."
Brandon Smith

"The young men who do the fighting and killing on the front lines of this so called War on Terror must eventually come to realize they are waging war on behalf of evil men who have lied to them and the American public. Assenting to obvious mistruths and propaganda is essentially co-operating with and enabling evil. When citizens fail to hold their leaders accountable for blatant lies, false narratives, and despicable propaganda storylines, they become evil themselves."
Jim Quinn

"To die for an idea; it is unquestionably noble. But how much nobler it would be if men died for ideas that were true!"
H.L. Mencken

"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does.
They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted." 
Aldous Huxley

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