Saturday, May 13, 2017

Quotes of the Week

Enlightened insights taken from the past week’s reading:

"The problem society faces is that on the one hand, most people are trying to live peacefully, and on the other, people in power support the violent imposition of highly debatable and even dubious conceptions of the 'common good' onto everyone.
The possibility that we might have genuine, honorable disagreements about what constitutes the common good, and that therefore there ought to be some safeguards -- as indeed libertarianism offers -- against an unjust and violent embrace of only one version of that good, is not raised."
Tom Woods

"Police power is government power and vice versa. It is the police who enforce the liberty-stealing laws passed by government criminals. That’s why I hold police in such contempt. Politicians sit in ivory towers removed from the people they oppress. Police look the people in the face as they oppress them.
Government by definition, by nature, by history and by practical existence is police power. Government would not and could not exist without police power. When governments lose their police power, they collapse. Conversely, greater police power is wielded the closer to collapse we come."
Bob Livingston

"Whether one viewed socialism from the Left – as a utopian ideal – or from the Right – as an international force for evil – was relatively insignificant to either wing of the state bird of prey. What mattered to members of each crowd was that this doctrine could be exploited to mobilize popular support for their respective ambitions to have unrestrained state power over their neighbors. If socialism lost its appeal whether as a dream or a nightmare, new icons could be invented: isn’t this what intellectuals are for? To those on the Left, individuals leaving their carbon footprints in the world can make life itself a threat to be overcome by the most detailed of regulations. To those on the Right, lists of 'endless enemies' can easily be concocted to justify the expenditure of trillions of dollars to enrich weapons manufacturers and others who profit handsomely at the trough of the war system."
Butler Shaffer

"The simple fact is that Lincoln wanted war. He had the chance to save the Union without war before he took office. He had the chance to save the Union without war in March 1861. He rejected attempts to peacefully purchase federal property and began polling his cabinet about provisioning Sumter less than a week after taking office knowing full well it would cause war. As he later told a political ally, his decision to provision Fort Sumter had the desired outcome, meaning armed conflict. Nothing can sugarcoat Lincoln’s headlong rush into the bloodiest war in American history."
Brion McClanahan

"Illegal immigration is not a debate. There is no logical reason to defend it, unless your goal is to overwhelm the American system with potential democrat voters or to completely destabilize the country altogether. Why are we still arguing about this?"
Brandon Smith

"Appealing to emotions, when you have millions of functionally illiterate, normalcy bias ensnared, iGadget distracted, disciples of the status quo, has been the game plan of the Deep State for the last century. Americans don’t want to think, because thinking is hard. They would rather feel. For decades the government controlled public education system has performed a mass lobotomy on their hapless matriculates, removing their ability to think and replacing it with feelings, fabricated dogma, and social indoctrination. Their minds of mush have been molded to acquiesce to the narrative propagandized by their government keepers."
Jim Quinn

"Immigration driven by voluntary means can bring wonderful benefits to all involved, to include an evolving culture.  There is nothing close to this in today’s world – more so the opposite; immigration is subsidized, coerced, driven by state action.  This is the “open borders' we are lectured to embrace.
Culture change by force; subsidized by the victims.  Nothing libertarian here."
Bionic Mosquito

"The Fed and the income tax are both disastrous and unnecessary things, enemies of the common man in every way. Unfortunately, people have come to believe they’re fixtures in the cosmic firmament. They’re the main reasons—there are many other reasons, though, unfortunately—why the average American’s standard of living has been dropping since the early 1970s. In fact, were it not for these things, and the immense amount of capital destroyed during the numerous wars of the last 100 years, I expect we’d have already colonized the moon and Mars. Among many other things…"
Doug Casey

"The true test of civilization is only to be found in the kind of man the country turns out."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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