Friday, November 26, 2010

Wife of Local Gangster Robbed

The wife of a Dallas City councilman was robbed while withdrawing cash from an ATM. Like a good, obedient, statist stooge, she had no way to defend herself (even when the assailant showed no weapon), complied with the street gangster’s orders (always comply with a criminal’s orders) and called police (who were busy eating turkey donuts and took 45 minutes to show up). If she’s really lucky the donut eaters will find her robber and lock him in a cage at her (and our) expense. But she will never get her money back.

Ms. Atkins just experienced what all taxpayers ultimately experience. The street robber desires your money and directly puts a gun to your to head to obtain it. The politician (her husband), however, assigns intimidating men dressed in clown suits and shiny badges on their chests to put a gun to your head to obtain the desired cash. Two very slightly different methods to achieve the same result.

Does the money stolen from you do any good? Who knows- there’s no way to calculate. You’d be simply guessing. Does this stolen tax money help others? Well, it certainly helps the robber, be he a street thug or a politician. Should I defend myself against such state sponsored robbery? You can but the enforcers likely have more firepower than you and are able to steal all your property at will. Should I call the police to help protect me against these state robbers? Sorry, but the police work for the robbers.

Taxation is theft. It’s time to grow up, wise up, and face this undeniable reality. This claim is not illogical, it is not obnoxious, it is not inflammatory, it is not extremist. It is fact.

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