Sunday, November 28, 2010

State Simpletons Whack Willie

Willie Nelson was arrested for possession of a harmless plant by agents of the US Gestapo. The harassment occurred at a USG checkpoint not far from the border between the territory ruled by the US gang and the territory ruled by the Mexican gang. There was no comment from the arresting jackboots about just who the victim of this dastardly crime might be.

I feel so much safer now that a 77 year old weed smoker has been jailed and relieved of his $2500. There’s no telling what havoc may have ensued down I-10 if those six ounces of harmless plant matter was not confiscated and its human holders temporarily kidnapped and shaken down.

I keep asking this question- Since when does a supposed "free country" have checkpoints? Isn’t this what we see in totalitarian countries that are inferior to the wonderful USA? Isn’t this the type of government oppression that our brave soldier boys give their lives and spend trillions of our stolen dollars to protect us from? Will one of you mouth breathing, boot licking, flag humping, red, white and blue wearing, puritanical, nanny state loving, Constitution worshipping, unbending USG loyalist, bloody nationalistic, fools please answer that question?

Don’t expect these Stalin-esque checkpoints to remain where they are. Expect them to steadily move north into the Heartland of the Homeland. Look for it, now- coming soon to your town!

That progression will surely be speeded up now that the FBI has created its second American car bomber. Muslim extremists have apparently given up or tired of box cutters and underwear bombs and have graduated to exploding the ubiquitous automobile. Now your car will be closely examined at these new checkpoints and if you look the least bit suspicious, I’m sure there will be an eager, willing TSA Molester to forage in and around your underwear, as well.

In Texas, some Austin, politi-gangster, yahoo wants to bring sobriety checkpoints back to the state. I wonder if “sobriety” will also mean willingness to submit with unbending obedience and allegiance to nosey, prying agents of the Texas Sicherheitspolizei?  “This man refuses to be searched, you say? He claims his rights are being violated? He must be crazy drunk!”

I recall first learning of Willie Nelson after reading a glowing review of his just released album, “Red Headed Stranger,” in 1975. I purchased that album and have been a fan ever since. I also became a fan of the man- a man who peacefully lives life as he sees fit, respects the lives and wishes of others, is always willing to help other people, and never says an unkind word about anyone.

Willie, along with Waylon Jennings and others, led the Outlaw movement in country music back in the 1970’s. These artists were considered “outlaw” because they dared to defy the convention and conformity prevalent in that style of music. Willie and others strived to expand the creative reach of this art form while preserving its essential character. They succeeded, created even more fans of country music, and inspired confidence in a multitude of other performers and songwriters to express and maintain their originality and not conform to industry “standards.”

It’s good to see Willie still living life his way (harming no one) and even stickin’ it to the man. May he continue to inspire others to do the same.

The state gangsters who kidnapped and robbed Willie Nelson have showed their deep compassion by reducing Willie’s “charges.” According to the report, “Instead of charging Nelson with carrying 6 ounces of reefer, a felony that reportedly carries a $10,000 fine and 180 days in the clink, authorities now accuse Nelson of holding just 4 ounces, which has a lesser fine.”

Just as the state claims to miraculously make people’s problems disappear, apparently they can also make two ounces of plant matter disappear. Of course, they can also (and often do) create even more plant matter. I guess Willie is lucky the drug warriors didn’t create a few more pounds of plant matter to increase the fine.


Joseph said...

Great post, I agree 110%.

Enlightened Rogue said...

Thanks, Joseph. Please see the Update.