Friday, July 9, 2010

Light Flashes

Texas cities rate low in magazine poll on patriotism

Men's Health ranked the cities based on percentage of voters who voted for in the 2004 and 2008 elections, money spent on military veterans per capita, percentage of residents who volunteer and the amount of flags and fireworks sold.”

In other words, “patriotism” means:
  • Submitting to the rule of illegitimate authorities by voting your consent.
  • How much money is stolen by your state rulers subsidizing the health and comfort of the state’s hired killers.
  • Volunteering? Volunteering for what? Am I considered a “volunteer” because I volunteer to write this blog?
  • How many silly and ugly cloth symbols representing slavery and tyranny you purchase.
  • How many noisy and obnoxious firecrackers you waste your money on [Notice how the purchase of guns and ammo are excluded by this limp wrist rag.].

Meaningless polls like this are nothing more that marketing ploys to drive reader traffic. The public, along with lazy editors looking for content, seem to be attracted to such drivel.

Human smugglers showing violent upswing, ICE says

As with alcohol and drug prohibition, “human prohibition” brings the same unnecessarily violent results. Human instinct resists being caged. If an individual reasons he must relocate, he may resort to obtaining whatever assistance necessary- even from those who may be prone to violence. It’s no different than those who risk doing business with violent drug dealers to purchase their needed, prohibited narcotic.

Human “smuggling” would not exist were it not for the state’s arbitrary, invisible geographic boundaries. These boundaries transform individuals into criminals merely be restricting movement from point A to point B. As long is this individual does not trespass on private property, where is the crime? Who has been physically harmed or financially defrauded?

The law enforcement business benefits doubly from border enforcement and movement prohibition. They profit by policing and enforcing these invisible boundaries and then also profit from investigating the “smuggling-related” violence that results. The whole corrupt process is a self-perpetuating, expanding and thriving scam.

New questions about chief's use of on-duty Dallas cops

Now the cops are babysitting each other’s kids while on duty. The market rate for babysitters just went up.

Why do cops think they’re so special and the world revolves around them? Their Heap Big Chief has proven he’s nothing more than a common thug. His son killed a “fellow cop” from another department and was rewarded with a police motorcycle funeral escort funded by taxpayers.

Put on a clown suit and a badge and any questionable character instantly becomes a saint, worthy of worship among the mundane peons.

Conservative talk show host blasts Rangers star for immigration comments

To Mr. Davis: So, a man expresses his opinion that you and others disagree with and therefore should not be allowed to go to work? A man expresses an honest opinion and should be punished for comments you claim “insult” you and others that believe otherwise? Are your really that insecure and immature?

What great proof that the right can be just as intolerant and totalitarian as the left.

San Antonio fake military hero could get prison

There’s probably no greater “crime” to statists than lying about your “service” to the nation state. It’s downright sacrilegious.

According to the story, the indicted individual “was kicked out of a halfway house amid allegations of insolence, lying and intimidation of staff.” Heck with those kind of personal traits, he should be made a general.

King James proclaims Miami as his new realm

Congratulations to Mr. James. He voted with his feet and money as peaceful people do, rather than relying on ballots backed by bullets as a way to improve his life.

He will save millions in state income taxes and deny state despots that much less ill-begotten booty. The state is that much poorer and civilization is that much wealthier.

North Texan among two soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Another mother’s child lost to the bloody allure of nationalism and the beast of war.

Another mother’s child sacrificed to the voracious appetite of the war gods and their obedient servants.

Another mother’s child lost to a depraved sense of “duty” and “loyalty.”

Satan is smiling.

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