Thursday, July 1, 2010

Light Flashes

Dallas store sells U.S. flag with 61 stars

This will not stand! The nationalist, slavish boobs are outraged! The masses are foaming at the mouth, seeking revenge. Lets’ boycott and/or bomb somebody!

Perhaps, the “extra” stars are to commemorate the wonderful country of China that has graciously loaned money to finance our sacred, inalienable free lunch and noble, murderous wars of empire.

Question: Do US flags with extra stars burn hotter?

Couple terrified by mistaken Dallas police encounter

Two people needlessly suffer because the thugs with badges cannot competently type nor make a simple identification of a car model. No mention is made of an apology from the goons in blue.

Can you imagine the repercussions if a private security firm made such an error? There would have been civil action against such a firm and rightly so. The state’s warriors, as always, are above accountability.

Fewer hungry children getting free summer meals

It’s ludicrous to assume that all those children needed such programs to survive.

“Summer nutrition programs aim to feed children who get most of their nutrition — or sometimes their only real meal of the day — at school.”

Only one real meal a day? Prove it!

“The food research group measures the effectiveness of those summer programs by comparing the number of low-income children receiving meals during the summer with those receiving free and reduced-price school meals during the school year.”

How does that prove any effectiveness? Why would the numbers change? If you’re getting a free meal during the summer, wouldn’t you want to continue to receive the same perk during the school year? It seems that this “food research group’s” idea of “effectiveness” is how many children continue on the program, not how many no longer need assistance.

The programs “success” ensures its perpetuation. The program offers nothing toward the goal of people feeding themselves. It’s considered a “failure” if fewer people sign up. It’s all backwards.

Walter Williams outlines how “material poverty” has all but disappeared in this country. Not that people don’t have difficulties, but they are hardly “starving” as compared to other, far more desperate parts of the world. Material poverty has been replaced by spiritual poverty, “ a direct result of the perverse incentives created by some of our efforts to address material poverty.”
Dallas Libertarians speak at America Speaks

If “Big L” libertarians truly believe that political activism will create change, they would be better off directing their energies toward the movements promoting nullification and secession. The only way to cure a cancer is to separate the tumor from the host.

Quit wasting time on these democratic charades of town hall meetings and national elections. Look at the donors that fund America Speaks. All glorify the concept of command and control governance from Washington, DC.

These meetings are still more propaganda convincing the plundered subjects that the God-Kings on the Potomac really care what they think.

Atheist billboard defaced on N.C.'s Billy Graham Parkway

Not that I have any allegiance to any plundering, murderous nation state, but I’m personally more offended by the inclusion of “One Nation Indivisible” than the exclusion of “Under God.”

Atheists who worship the indivisible nation state suffer the same delusion they claim afflict believers in God. They claim allegiance and obedience to an unalterable, inseparable and nearly divine ruling authority. How is that different than believing in God’s rule? Atheist statists may argue that God is a fictional authority within the mind of the believer and therefore not legitimate. Isn’t the nation state also a fictional, all encompassing authority? It claims authority whether or not its subjects consent. For those who don’t consent, the nation state is nothing more than a pushy, arrogant, evangelist knocking on your door to sell you a bill of goods.

A nation state is a geo-political entity that claims legitimate rule over individuals within its proclaimed territory, whether or not those individuals accept such an arrangement. God is a ruling authority only within the minds of those who believe. Their is no way (other than aligning with the secular authority) that a God believer can forcibly project his God’s rule onto others. Gods’ rule, in a sense, is self-government. The nation state believer, however, sees it necessary that his fictional, ruling authority govern and control ALL within its arbitrary boundaries- through violence, if necessary.

God believers who align with nation state believers will only see their beliefs corrupted and discredited. They would be better off living under God’s authority (self-government), while encouraging peacefully (not forcing) others to do the same. Please note, when I say “God” I’m using the Judeo-Christian concept of “God” as I’m more familiar with that particular concept and believe that those who insist on its inclusion in the Pledge of Allegiance share that concept. Why would those who believe in the superiority of law offered by a supreme being be willing to settle for the rule of law insisted on and violently enforced by corrupt mortals?

Comparatively speaking, believing in an unseen higher power is far more benign that a belief in an inseparable nation state. God’s actions, be they “good” or bad” are empirically impossible to prove. God-believer’s actions can only be damaging when they align themselves with the dark forces of the nation state or commit personal aggression against unbelievers. Such actions may be justly resisted. The nation state’s actions, however, are detailed and catalogued through historical record. It’s actions, mostly bad, are all too real.

Texas taxpayers on the hook for huge sporting events

No surprise here. Super Bowls and other large, professional sporting events are nothing more than serf-subsidized parties for the self-absorbed, wealthy elites.

Unfortunately, the working class will ignore such facts, as their need for hypnotic entertainment and mindless, sensory arousal supersedes any desire for financial self-preservation.

One of the joys of seeing the state abolished will be seeing these deceiving, pillaging aristocrats scramble to personally finance their own fun and games.

Red tape keeps Gulf marsh cleanup on hold

We are all ultimately crushed under the slow moving wheels of the state’s bureaucracy. Individual creativity and enterprise is hampered, delayed, and sometimes outright rejected to satisfy the power appetites, of corrupt, depraved, unaccountable despots.

Dallas officer fired for alleged sex with prostitute

The hits just keep on comin’ with the Dallas Po-lice. The klutz didn’t even have the sense to turn off his patrol car video camera while being serviced. Maybe our local tax parasites are just getting bored with the donut routine.

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