Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How Many Are Enough?

“Each year, more and more "laws" are enacted, without the old ones being eliminated. ‘Laws’ on top of ‘laws’ until every breath you take is either mandatory or forbidden. Your inability to obey all the compiled and contradictory ‘laws’ results in ‘crime’ (obviously, by definition) which is used as justification for more enforcers occupying your home town. When will there be enough ‘laws‘?”

Utopian statists truly believe that if enough laws are passed, all bad things will cease to occur. They honestly believe that words on paper will prevent evil people from performing evil acts against others. They honestly believe that words on paper, backed by state violence, will prevent irresponsible people from harming themselves. At best, more laws do nothing to solve a perceived problem. At worst, they create still more, unintended problems that create demand for still MORE laws.

Even legitimate laws can be considered useless.. Good people don’t need them and bad people ignore them.

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