Thursday, March 18, 2010

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

By going through the trouble of exhibiting this sign, the gentleman is obviously committed to the idea than living under democratic rule necessarily brings an improvement in his living condition. He also seems to believe that creating democratic rule over his life “peacefully,” neutralizes the ugly truth that democracy itself is an act of violence.

What is the advantage of being ruled by the decisions of thousands or millions of strangers (all nameless and unaccountable) rather than one or a few tyrants? The decisions rendered by these large mobs is backed by the same coercion and violence that enforces the decisions of oligarchs and individual dictators. So how is that an improvement? Because there was an election? Because there was political competition? Are you really willing to surrender your individual liberty and sovereignty to the majority opinions of other people through the means of an election- just because those opinions are held by the majority mob?

“Competition in the production of goods is good, but competition in the production of bads is not. Free competition in killing, stealing, counterfeiting, or swindling, for instance, is not good; it is worse than bad. Yet this is precisely what is instituted buy open political competition, i.e., democracy.”
Hans Hermann Hoppe, Democracy, The God That Failed

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