Sunday, February 28, 2010

Italian Welders Get Whacked

Back in November I wrote about the media attack against Italian welders hired to construct a new bridge in Dallas. Well, it seems that reporter Byron Harris, defender of statist truth, mob justice, labor cartels, bigotry, and xenophobia, has succeeded in having these men, in effect, banished from this country by having their visas revoked. What wonderful hospitality!

Of course, the concern expressed is for the fairness to “Texas” welders (a term still not quite defined). "These guys are welders just like our welders in this state. And there's a lot of unemployment in this state, and our guys could be doing this work, too," drooled a spokesman from the local union mob. Apparently, this troglodyte seems to have the idea that “our guys” have some inherent right to be hired and paid whatever wage they demand. “Companies use the cheapest labor they can get,” he complained. Duh.

Hey bonehead, when you hire someone to cut your grass (and it better be a Texan and not a Mexican!) do you not hire the cheapest labor you can? When you take bids to add an addition to your house, do you not seek out the best price? Why do union thugs feel that their occupations are above such discriminating (and sensible) bargain hunting?

The labor cartels whine and whimper, pleading to our sense of nationalism and reminding us of fascist laws (Davis-Bacon) that protect their labor fiefdom with state threatened violence. Meanwhile, the taxpayers get hit with higher costs, construction delays lasting months- and eleven hard working, enterprising, competitive, skilled men get whacked.

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