Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Rogue Is Rejected

For a number of months I have occasionally posted comments after stories that appear at the website of the Dallas Morning News (known affectionately as the Callous Marxist Ooze) and it sister site, WFAA.com.

Sometimes I would post anti-war and anti- military comments and enjoy watching the US Loyalists and war freaks getting stirred up, hot and bothered over my remarks, as well as reading a few replies of support.

Not long ago WFAA completely shut down their comments section, apparently upset with so-called “abuse” of the comments section. No doubt, some comments by folks are a bit crude. But why ask for comments, then get upset when people actually do so? Why should a news organ whose business is based on words, be so afraid of them?

I’d noticed in the recent past a couple of my comments would not post or if they were posted, would have disappeared by the next day. The most recent removed comment was to a story how a local teenager had bravely decided to join the US Marines. My comment was apparently just too subversive and unacceptable to be seen by the newspaper’s readership:

“Another soul lost to the allure of nationalism and the beast of war.”

Today, I attempt to re-post this benign message and receive a message stating, “your account profile contains inappropriate content.” A quick look at my profile will show that my profile contains NO “content.” Despite the courtesy of offering to post comments from readers, I don’t see the reason nor rationale to obtain reader’s personal information. Why the sudden interest in this information, considering this data had never been listed the previous months, nor was required? Are they trying to track me down? Or is it merely another way of saying that the content of my posts is "inappropriate?"

The MSM will go to whatever lengths necessary to shut out any information that is contrary to the state, one-party-line world view, even to the point of silencing a peaceful, dissenting reader.

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