Tuesday, June 2, 2009

“Heroes’ Rely On Felons

Re: Female felons train Rockwall nonprofit's canines:

Why are these individuals described as “heroes-” and without any explanation as to why they are classified as such? Isn’t that a subjective judgment, better left for the editorial page, instead of a supposed unbiased news report? This story reads more like a puff piece in the treasonous, “Stars and Stripes” than a civilian news organ.

Or, could this be this just another subtle way the state regulated media “catapults the propaganda,” conditioning the populace to honor those who have put on the state’s armor.

Also, I find it interesting that the US state must use prison, slave labor (forced into cages for mostly non-crimes) to help their maimed and sick soldier boys. Why aren’t those imprisoned for real crimes (against life and property) working to compensate those they’ve damaged, rather than assisting those who have killed and tortured without remorse or regret? The state shows at least a modicum of concern over the welfare of its warriors, but certainly, absolutely no regard for crime victims. Retribution (and its accompanying pro-state conditioning and propaganda) always wins out over restitution.

Where are all those yellow ribbon wearing, “Support the Troops,” flag cuddling, war and torture apologists? Why aren’t they flocking in droves to help and support this program?

First, they send their children to do their dirty work (killing foreigners), then they rely on prisoners to do their charity work.

What a pathetic lot.

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