Wednesday, July 27, 2016

United We Fall, Divided We Stand

Secession is often dismissed as a back door way for The US Regime or the stealth, controlling powers-that-be to “divide and conquer.” Secession is seen an unwise action because it weakens a potential united front against an all controlling power.
However, the “divide” already exists, independent of the controlling powers. There are those inclined to liberty (or at least more liberty than they presently have) and those inclined to mastery or submission. There are those inclined to live as much of their lives as possible as free individuals, and there are those who prefer to rule over and control those same individuals; or be one of the subjects under such a ruler.

Secession allows a political separation of these differing camps so their contrasting beliefs no longer create constant conflict. If the division in ideology becomes intolerable for all sides, the only rational response for both groups is separation.

Being “conquered” only occurs when any side submits to the others (and suffers accordingly) or a tyrannical dictatorship forcibly unites all camps into one political collective- a forced integration of ideological opposites. Only the dictatorial class and its cronies benefits from such an arrangement. Meanwhile, the opposing sides constantly fight over who is favored by the dictatorial class. This is where the “conquering” occurs. A group is conquered when it deems it necessary to submit to a ruling power for survival while battling other groups for control of that ruling power. Only one group wins.

Separation avoids such an unending, non-productive waste of time and resources.

Secession creates a decentralization of power which weakens, not strengthens the central controlling power. After all, it now has fewer subjects under its command. It has fewer groups willing to submit. The seceding groups no longer have to battle each other for power. Their previous central controlling power is no longer viewed as legitimate or relevant.

United we fall, divided we stand. The opposite view offers nothing but continued enslavement and discord.

Secession, anyone? Or are you terrified of freedom?
Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


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