Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cop Cradlers

Three armed men decided to stand outside their local police department in a show of support. I’m assuming they felt their “protectors” needed protection, seeing they showed their “support” by being heavily armed, rather than merely waving colored rags and displaying crude, jingoistic signs.

If I asked these three gentlemen why they think their revered cops are necessary, I’m sure “protection” would be at or near the top of their list. But what kind of protection can cops offer these three men when these three men themselves believe their “protectors” need protection? How useful are “protectors” who can’t even protect themselves?

Seeing the weaponry these men are displaying, I would suggest that they alone are far better equipped and certainly, far better motivated to successfully defend themselves than any member of The Regime-controlled enforcement class.

And let’s not forget the ultimate irony- The payment of coerced tax revenue used to compensate these “protectors” is ultimately enforced by these same “police officers” (revenue collectors) these same three men (victims of coercion) value! Not to mention their possible future caging after violating just one of the thousands of illegitimate laws that exist. Guess whose guns will be pointed at their heads while being marched to their incarceration?

“Pay up, serf!” demands the cop to his three supporters,” I got a boat payment to make!”

Stockholm Syndrome, Texas style.
 Resistance is Mandatory
No rulers

No masters


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Kent McManigal said...

Copsuckers don't have a firm grasp on reality. Their grasp is apparently elsewhere. That's their business.
What disgusts me is that they get angry at me for not volunteering to service their gods alongside them.