Monday, June 22, 2015

Is It Wrong to Wish That Tyrants Die?

Have you ever felt so disgusted, so enraged, so frustrated with a state politi-gangster/criminal that you wished, even secretly, that they would die? Is it wrong to feel that way? Do you demean yourself by feeling and expressing yourself this way? Can such a wish be considered a threat?

It’s easy to understand why you think this way. You wish them dead due to suffering personally or suffering empathetically towards others who have been abused, mistreated, and even killed by their ruling master . You reserve such hatred for only the most egregious, murdering despots.

For those who lived during their time, was it shameful for them to wish that Hitler die (and certainly not by natural means)?
Was is shameful to wish that Stalin die?
Was is shameful to wish that Lincoln die?

I don’t recommend actively pursuing a plan of action to see that such an event occurs, but I see no problem with desiring such an occurrence. I would only avoid allowing such thoughts to become an obsession.

Wishing for the death of murdering, thieving tyrants is a purely natural part of an individual's action of self defense against a predator. It’s a psychological response to a threat where no active, physical response is practical or wise. Better to ease your frustration with bad thoughts aimed at deserving evil individuals than direct, suicidal confrontation. Better to relieve feelings of helplessness and impotence within the private, inner sanctum of your malevolent thoughts than face your target’s protectors.

Fantasy is a psychological defense mechanism that channels unacceptable or unattainable desires into imagination. And it is largely risk free.

Don’t listen to those who suggest shame for thinking that way. They still believe the life long conditioning that self appointed elites are your superiors (despite their despotic extremism) and that it is somehow “wrong” or “unpatriotic” to not remain subservient in action and thought to this perceived “authority.” Their lingering state worship and enslavement is clouding their judgment.

Keep violent, wishful thoughts if you must. It’s healthy. Just don’t forget to take only direct, peaceful action towards sidestepping such tyranny.

And you can even laugh at them while you do it.
Resistance is Mandatory

 No rulers

No masters


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Kent McManigal said...

I always hope bad guys die. It's why I will never mourn a dead cop or politician- no matter how they die.