Friday, June 26, 2015

Hate Crime Ignored in Texas

This video appeared on a local news site today:

I forwarded the URL to the Washington bureau of the NAACP, hoping they would comment on and help publicize an obvious hate crime.

Here was my message:

"I just wanted to forward this important information to you about a recent hate crime in Rowlett, TX:

I know you will want to help publicize and comment on it. Failure do so will disappoint many in this area.

Best wishes."

I have yet to hear back from them as of this date. If you would like to contact this same bureau, the address is

Maybe you can also ask them why they still offensively refer to African-Americans as “colored people.”

UPDATE- 6/27/15: Police say they have now identified the teens responsible and have issued warrants for their arrest.
Still no comment or reaction from the NAACP about this heinous, despicable, hateful crime.

UPDATE II- 6/29/15 Police have arrested a teen for assault.
Awaiting ardent demands by the local NAACP to classify this act as a hate crime.

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