Sunday, December 28, 2014

War and Football

I’m an avid college football fan. It is the only sport I take the time to watch. Of course, the holiday season means college football bowl season and lovers of the game, like me, have about a three week long buffet of bowl games to feast on.

State propagandists love using sports as a platform for their misinformation. Though this doesn’t seem to be as prevalent in college sports as much as the professional, college football is certainly not immune from this affliction.

One such event is the “Military Bowl, Presented by Northrop Grumman.” Essentially, a football game is hijacked into being a celebration of state tyranny and it’s obedient hired killers and sponsored by an organization of war whores who profit off their bloody imperialism. What’s not to like, if you’re a blood thirsty nationalist who gets a hard on at the sight and sound of death planes flying overhead in salute to the King. Right?

And I must also mention that the game takes place in the home stadium of one of the empire’s key terrorist compounds- the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Despite the ugly and depressing setting, I was intent on watching the game and doing my best to avoid the surrounding brainwashing.

The first thing I did was avoid watching the pre-game ceremony. In even your typical football game, this part of the event is rarely anything but a brief, though intense, worship service, hailing the divine deity of the state. I’m sure this particular event took that adoration to a new level. (Here’s a video of last year’s)

Just as about the game was to start, I thought I would contact someone working with the bowl, passing on the brief, simple message that always comes to mind whenever state criminals and their cult followers mix politics and sport.

I found the email address for Mr. Steve Beck who is listed as the President and Executive Director of the Military Bowl. At the time I sent my message, I could imagine Mr. Beck sitting comfortably in a stadium luxury suite, sipping cocktails with Northrop Grumman honchos, checking his phone for email and texts, when he received this message from yours truly:

Mr. Beck,

Fuck war.

Play ball.

While watching the actual game, some ideas came to mind on how to improve the bowl’s halftime ceremony that would follow the strict tenets of perverted, failed, statist logic and move even the most stoic militarist to tears.

I again contacted Mr. Beck and offered him these suggestions:

Mr. Beck,

I have a suggestion for your half time ceremony for next year.

You may know that about 22 military veterans per day commit suicide in service to their country. It is there unique way of showing solidarity with their comrades and sacrificing themselves for the greater good.

How about at half time, a military veteran (retired or active duty) commit suicide on live television to show just how committed to freedom the troops really are? Imagine the pride that would swell within the hearts of all patriots as they witness one of their bravest commit the ultimate sacrifice!

And if it didn’t go over well, you could always blame the event on North Korea or Russia, which would increase the calls for war and swell the profits for Northrup Grumman.

Either way, everyone wins!

I’ll leave the details and logistics to you folks who are the experts in the field of “putting on a good show.” You certainly know best.

Best wishes and have a Happy New Year.

I have yet to hear back from Mr. Beck. Knowing that human sacrifice is a major tenet of collectivism, such a performance would seem to be a natural progression for a propaganda machine known for its bold actions and clever ploys. Heck, they easily sold their minions on peeping Toms in their email and gate rape at the airport. Why not this?

Statism celebrates and honors those who “sacrifice” for the good of the Empire and its collective. The Empire gives their families a box full of medals, drapes a pretty flag over their remains and if their sacrifice was extra special- a hole in the ground to place those remains.

But that is honoring the past. Why not honor such an event in the present? Why not broadcast in wide screen, living color just such a “sacrifice?” Just think of all the “copycat sacrifices” that may result, not just from military veterans, but God loving, patriotic Americans. With such a sacrificing fervor spreading across the land, how could The USSA not restore itself to its original glory?

I just hope, for the good of his bowl, Mr. Beck takes this suggestion seriously. If he doesn’t, most certainly, some other bowl will.

Perhaps the Armed Forces Bowl?

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