Monday, December 22, 2014

About Those NYPD Cops……

I’ve been reading and watching videos expressing various viewpoints about the two NYPD cops who were murdered recently.

I certainly don’t believe using violence is a way to order society, whether that violence is initiated by individuals or by the state on behalf of its collective. And most certainly, those who use violence as a tool (whether individuals or state actors) are ultimately responsible for the violent retribution they may in turn suffer for their actions.

When viewing this event from the perspective of one who understands clearly the nature, design, structure, and motivations of the institutional state, I can only come up with one reaction:

Cops are just mafia hit men who run a protection racket financed by theft, while extorting revenue for the parasitic ruling class.
They are therefore criminals by any definition.

Two of them are taken out by a murderous, religious kook (another criminal) who takes his own life.

So we have THREE fewer criminals in the world and no innocent, honest people hurt.

So how is that a bad thing?

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BuelahMan said...

I am curious why others don't question why a guy with a hard-on to kill cops, offs two, then kills himself?

It would seem that if his goal is to kill cops, he'd kill as many as possible and do the suicide by cop thing.

Also, these two cops were participating in a staged event of some sort. Doesn't that cause people to question the veracity of the deal? Seems that every time there is some sort of newsworthy killing, there is some sort of drill going on.

I don't believe in coincidences like that.