Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'Occupy' Exposed as Frauds & Fascists

If you think the Occupy Movement is all about human empowerment and respect for individual sovereignty, look at this disturbing video:

After some inspiring speech (by an articulate speaker not given the courtesy of identification) the video ends with this quote by Abraham Lincoln:

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress, and the courts. Not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert it.”

Using an Abraham Lincoln quote, singing the praises of the people as “rightful masters,” is either a conscious act of deception or merely extreme ignorance of the true nature of the Father of American Fascism and White Supremacy. The quote also gives notice to the men “who pervert” the Constitution, when he, Lincoln, stands alone as the greatest perverter and abuser of this document, who literally spit and defecated upon it in his murderous crusade to protect his precious political union. The filmmaker might as well have used a Joseph Stalin quote encouraging people to stand up for their birthright of liberty. It is just as comical and ridiculous.

This brings us to this notice from the Occupy movement calling for a May 1 “General Strike” to, among other objectives, “recognize housing, education and health care as human rights, and calls for the building of a broad coalition to make that a reality.” Of course, succeeding in such a quest would involve massive theft and violence against individually owned property. This confirms my worse fears about the Occupy movement, that it is not about empowering individuals, but empowering mobs, i.e., “broad coalitions.”
When the movement marches through the streets and chants, “This is what democracy looks like,” little do they realize just how accurate that claim is. Democracy consists elementally of marching mobs claiming ownership over the rights, property and lives of other individuals who do not include themselves among their numbers.
“Power to the people?” The power they speak of is not individual empowerment, to live your life as you see fit, free from state and corporate harassment- but the power to take the property of others to satisfy their perverted sense of entitlement. How is that thievery any different than the corporate thievery they so eloquently protest? Occupy despises theft and violence if initiated by the state protected corptocracy. They LOVE state initiated theft and violence if executed to fulfill the wants and needs of the street mobs. Their aim is to merely replace corporate created, oligarchic rule over my life with that of the majoritarian mob. Thank you, but I’ll pass on both and will resist both tyrannies with every fiber of my being.

Authoritarian tyranny can come as either a slick, packaged, corporate “service,” reassuringly explained by a manipulative media, or it can come as a large, smiling group of seemingly peaceful, societal rejects, screaming catchy slogans and emotional pleas. Learn to identify both threats. Resist them both passionately.

Come May1, I will be ceremoniously pissing on any talk of a General Strike by working hard and creating individual wealth. I will also amuse myself by imagining all of these Occupiers not working, when so few likely even have a job and even fewer likely have a job of any significance.

I give this notice to Occupiers: If you come for my property I will kill you. I don’t wish for such an event but I can live with it. This is your only warning. Please also realize, that to successfully expropriate any property belonging to me, you will have to kill me. Can you live with that?


BuelahMan said...

The speech is from Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator", which is awesome.

Enlightened Rogue said...

Thanks for the info!