Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Insanity of War Flags Over Graves

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“The family of a Mesquite veteran wants his grave to bear an American flag.”

Enslaved individual’s reverence toward their state master is probably best illustrated by idolization of its symbols and glorification of its acts of mass murder, i.e. wars. Many insist on projecting this demented adoration upon the memorials of loved ones who participated in these acts.

“He could’ve been killed when he was serving,” she [a stepdaughter] said suddenly filled with emotion.

Yes, he very well could have been killed thanks to the state that kidnapped his mind and body and put him in this perilous situation. This fact, alone, should be cause for contempt, not celebration.

Why would anyone want that ugly banner, representing slavery and tyranny, flying over a loved one’s grave? My father was a WWII draftee/vet/victim who took a German sniper’s bullet. For this he received a piece of scrap metal called a “purple heart.” When he died, some criminal from the US Regime sent me one of these filthy rags. I immediately sent it to the landfill where it belongs.

Mr. Branton was victimized and enslaved by the bloody US regime at the peak of his life. The fact that he “didn’t brag” strongly indicates that his horrible experience is a bad memory not worth recalling or remembering. It was a nightmare he wanted to forget- and rightly so. My father talked little about his horrible experience, as well. Why demean his memory by praising and glorifying his oppressor?

“The flag means America to me. It means freedom, defending our country.”

How can a symbol that has flown over some of the worst atrocities, genocides, fraud, thievery, and rights abuses in the history of humankind represent “freedom?” Remember, this flag once flew with pride over a “country” whose state protected, with violence if necessary, chattel slavery. I won’t even go into the massive political slavery it represents. Flying this flag in the name of “freedom” is an egregious hypocrisy.

Of, course, you don’t defend anyone’s “country” when you bleed and die in the state’s wars. You defend and advance the depraved ambitions of the ruling regime and the state and corporate oligarchs that control it. When the US War Flag flies over a grave, it is a declaration that the soul buried beneath the ground is clear property of the US state in perpetuity. It is a proclamation that this soul’s most meaningful action in life was killing strangers to accomplish the goals of depraved, power mad psychopaths. It is advertising the idea that consent and slavish obedience to the political order is the highest personal goal an individual can achieve and be recognized for.

Having suffered state slavery and abuse during life, why condemn a loved one to a symbolic bondage for eternity?

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