Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Willie’s Sentence- Sing For Your Freedom

You’ll recall that Willie Nelson's body and weed were seized by meddling, intrusive, agents of the state back in November. But being kidnapped, caged and robbed by the terrorist US government is apparently not enough for the state’s idea of “justice” to be served. He must now suffer still more indignity. It seems that a west Texas prosecutor and judge has decided that Willie “can resolve marijuana possession charges if he agrees to plead guilty, pay a fine and sing ‘Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain’ for the court.”

The attitude of this judge and prosecutor/persecutor is so characteristic of our self-appointed state rulers. We mundane citizen/slaves are merely livestock and circus animals, on this earth exclusively to work and perform at the state’s perverted pleasure. "Come on boy, sing a little tune for me and I'll forgive ya!" If Willie was a black rap artist and ordered to "sing a little tune," the race hustlers would be screaming, "Racism!" And rightly so.

Hopefully Willie will refuse such an arrangement, But if not, I would challenge that “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” is just too sentimental. This authoritarian blowhard doesn’t deserve a song glorifying the emotion of human intimacy. May I suggest to Willie some more appropriate song titles to serenade this robed clump of human debris:

“Down With Big Brother”

“Hey, Big Brother”

“She Got the Gold Mine, I Got the Shaft”

“Masters of War”

“Compared to What?”

“For What It’s Worth”

“Won’t Get Fooled Again”

“Eve of Destruction”

“American Idiot”

“Fortunate Son”

“Long Dark Night”

“I Can’t Take It No More”

“A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”

These are a few tunes that come to me off the top of my head. And if the judge doesn’t like it, Willie should tell this sick, power mad, illegitimate "judge" to take her court and her crying blue eyes and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

And I don’t mean in the rain.

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