Monday, February 21, 2011

The State Exposed

I recently overheard a school librarian discussing the merits of non-violence promoted by the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. His audience was government school students. These are certainly sentiments that I can agree with. But then I realized the inherent hypocrisy of the message giver. The person praising this philosophy was employed by an organization (the state) whose entire existence and survival is maintained through violence. Government schools are financed through compulsive taxation enforced, ultimately, by violence. Don’t pay the mandatory tribute required by your state rulers and you will lose your property, and/or your freedom, and/or your life. One hundred percent of this gentlemen’s personal paycheck is comprised of funds obtained through coercion and violence. Does this gentlemen ever wake up in the middle of the night and realize this obvious hypocrisy?

There’s some controversy in the Dallas Police Department (so what else is new) about an officer’s “troubling” post on her Facebook page. These posts include derogatory pictures and comments about the homeless and bragging about getting into a fight with a nurse at a medical clinic. Police supporters may be upset that some officers don’t represent the clean, noble image they have of their “protectors.” The department also claims concern. "Anything that would tend to reduce or impair the public's trust and confidence in the police department won't be tolerated," says Deputy Chief Mike Genovesi.

But again, free-living, sovereign individuals, who see the police as an illegitimate protection monopoly, celebrate such displays. Such incidents certainly aren't isolated They all expose how those who become police officers tend to be uncouth bullies who enjoy dominating and abusing others. These personal characteristics are necessary to satisfactorily enforce victimless crimes and extract state revenue by kidnapping, caging, and even physically harming innocent individuals.
Let’s hope police continue to be open and honest in their social networking.

Let’s move on to this enlightening video.

This is from a recent meeting of the Dallas County Commissioners Court. Here we have, in all its brutal glory, a clear illustration of the essence of the state. Politics is essentially war among competing gangs. These gangs (commonly referred to as “constituencies”) war against each other over turf and control. These gangs all seek to control the property of others to be used to further their gang’s agendas, as well as get their “fair share” of the booty the state plunders. They also seek to control the state’s enforcement mechanisms (police and military) that assure compliance among their subjects (commonly called the “electorate”).

Most times these political gang summits remain relatively civil and respectful despite the underlying violence of state coercion. Sometimes their discussions can degrade into shouting matches or even mild physical violence. It’s times like these when free living, sovereign individuals should rejoice and even celebrate such displays. This rowdiness and lack of decorum helps expose the state’s true nature- individuals squabbling over power rather than debating how to peacefully serve others through commerce and voluntary association.

Commissar Price has a history of such antics. It’s encouraging to see his power rivals also getting into the act.


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