Saturday, February 26, 2011

Glamorizing Thugs has run a report about how “Mexican narco culture glamorizes drug lifestyle.”

I had to laugh at the reporter’s statement that, “narco culture spreads a seductive view of a violent lifestyle that blurs the lines between entertainment, religion and crime.” This attempt to “win hearts and minds” seems to mirror those methods the state uses to glorify itself while insisting on allegiance and obedience, while glamorizing life as citizen-serfs to the ruling elites. This is accomplished through various propaganda channels, including the same “entertainment, religion, and (state sponsored) crime.” The state even goes to the extreme of promoting and honoring those who kill and “sacrifice” themselves for the glorification, defense, and expansion of state rule.

"If organized crime is in control, that means everyone in that region has to play by their rules."

The state, being an organized criminal syndicate, insists on exactly the same obedience to its rules. Maybe some folks would rather be governed by drug gangs than state gangs.

“Beyond the criminal lifestyle, there's also a spiritual aspect.”

This mirrors the same reverence and respect statists give to specified heroes worshipped within their civic religion- presidents, martyred politicians and statist evangelists, and war “heroes.” This also mirrors statist reverence towards symbols such as flags, chants, pledges, and even the state institution itself.

“The Catholic priest sees youngsters in ultra-violent Juarez who now aspire to be drug traffickers or hit men because of the money and power.”

How is this any different than those who aspire to become politicians, members of the ruling class, and members of police forces and militaries? They are attracted by the money and power that comes with such lofty positions of power and influence. Any entity or organization that offers such rewards for participation, be they legitimate or not, will attract prospects- particularly those who are desperate for opportunity.

This “narco-culture” originates in response to the state’s prohibition and warring against (some) drugs. Otherwise, this business would be like others where individuals make mutually satisfactory transactions. These transactions would also be peaceful, as the threat of violent state interference (as a competing gang) would not exist. This “culture” the report mentions helps unite and protect those who choose to participate in such transactions. The fact they are violent is not necessarily a choice, but a necessity to defend their business. This is also the same response chosen by one state gang when threatened by another.

Gangs are gangs, thugs are thugs- whether they're drug dealers or governments- they both seek to influence, control, and ultimately subjugate the individual without his consent.

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