Monday, December 27, 2010

Local Pundit’s Message to the Masses- Submit!

During the most recent uproar about TSA abuses against airline travelers, an appreciable amount of commentary space on mainstream tabloids was dedicated to discussion of this controversy. Most authors, of course, followed the usual, dutiful role as state apologist and defender. I don’t usually pay any attention to the local columnists writing for the Dallas Morning Ooze but a particular title caught my eye during by daily headline scan: “TSA's invasive airport screenings don't guarantee safety,” by Jacquielynn Floyd. Is there actually dissension among the ranks, I asked myself? Is Ms. Floyd one of those extremely rare writers who stands up for truth, armed with the facts?

After reading Ms Floyd’s thoughts, I realized her column’s title and ensuing text was merely a tease. Within the body of her commentary she accurately describes the unlawful and immoral aggression by TSA agents against individual travelers and her rightful disgust with such activity. However, the opening and closing statements of her column express the predictable and re-occurring theme seen within all statist commentary- obedience:

“If I want to fly – and I do – I will submit.”

“But rules are rules. Assume the position.”

In other words, forget all peaceful acts of resistance you may have in mind. Abandon any plans including determined, unbending battles to challenge and eliminate such abominable “security” procedures. Yes, these procedures are despicable, objectionable and don’t increase my safety one iota. But our rulers are ultimately in control, surrender is inevitable, and resistance is futile.

This bring us to another local commentary, this by a local TV anchor-puppet by the name of John McCaa who gives us his video commentary, "Why pat downs and scan are necessary." . Mr. McCaa wastes no time making a fool of himself, immediately stating, “We’ve sent a bad message to out troops in the field the last few weeks.” He’s referring, of course, to all those ungrateful boobs who have objected to being groped and sexually molested by state agents at the airport. The implication is that voicing objections is the equivalent, treasonous action of not “supporting the troops.” He then articulates the usual glorification and admiration of “our” brave soldiers, killing disobedient brown people on the other side of the world “to make sure you and I are safe.” He seems to place a large emphasis on describing the troops as “our troops” as if the national collective has some claim of ownership or control over their activities. Mr. McCaa makes a mild admission that these security measures may not be “proper” but then predicts the evil doer’s “luck will change” sometime in the near future and all us misfits and complainers will forget our objections. Not likely.

Mr. McCaa then once again brings up “our troops still under fire” (with no mention, of course. why- they’re aggressively invading and occupying other’s property) and appeals to our collective sensibility by suggesting we “think of what’s being asked of us.” Being asked by whom, Mr. McCaa- our state masters? You mean those same self-proclaimed rulers who lie, steal, torture, and murder at will around the world and even here in the “homeland?” Those same gangsters, elected by majority mob, who thereby claim to “represent” me? Besides, the last time I looked, no one was “asking” me or others to submit to such security theater and abuse- we were ordered! Any objection or rightful resistance means not flying or being caged. State monopolies enforced by violence never have to “ask” anything!

Writers, such as Ms. Floyd and Mr. McCaa both work for the large media conglomerate, Belo Corp. Such companies are highly regulated by the state (either by law or by limiting access to authority) and thus really have no credibility concerning opinions involving state intervention in people’s lives. They may tantalize and bait us here and there (as does Ms Floyd) with thoughts similar or paralleling our own but it’s just a ruse to stay relevant and desperately keep their steadily decreasing readers and viewers. Most likely they will blatantly and without hesitation repeat the state order of obedience to state mandates (no matter how unreasonable or ineffective) and unbending allegiance to the armed assassins who enforce such servility (as Mr. McCaa).

Ultimately, they know who controls their livelihoods and controls your life. So, shut up and assume the position.

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