Monday, June 28, 2010

Light Flashes

More kids trapped in sweltering cars are dying

Is it just me, or are people getting stupider and stupider? How can a parent “forget” that their small child is still in the car? How can even small children not know how to get themselves out of a car after entering an unattended vehicle? I clearly recall shooting a BB gun at age 4. I have to assume I also had the capability of letting myself out of a locked vehicle.

“Safety advocates said the deaths have been more prevalent since the mid-1990s when parent-drivers were required to put their children in the back seat, where they are safer in transit but more likely to be forgotten.”

What an excellent example of a well-intentioned law that brings unintended tragic consequences. The child is literally trapped and unable to free himself. The state seems to enjoy seeing people strapped, belted, restrained, locked in, chained and even caged “for their own good” - Even if it kills them.

Tiny turtle thwarts taxiing jet's takeoff


1) Is there any common sense left in the world?

2) Apparently, dealing with the TSA terrorists is not enough of an annoyance. Airlines must also think it appropriate to treat their customers like dirt.

3) Was it really necessary to inconvenience a plane full of people to rid the flight of a small turtle? Just to comply with a “regulation?”

4) Why do people fly anymore?

Fort Worth police issue warnings over backyard beer machine

“The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission says that any money transaction for alcohol is illegal without a permit or liquor license.”

The reason for the state’s restricting voluntary trade between consenting individuals always comes down to this fact: The state objects to any activity that doesn’t pay tribute (taxes, permit purchases, licensing, etc.) to the state gang.
If the neighbors have an objection to this activity, why not approach the homeowner themselves in a civil manner and politely discuss their concern?

Why send armed thugs to do your dirty work? This can only result in unnecessary violence and/or mistrust between neighbors.

Chief Bernal welcomes probe of Brown Jr. funeral escort

The tragic irony of the son of the Dallas Police chief being a cop killer is overwhelming enough. Now it comes out that this murderer received a 12 motorcycle police escort to his burial! I’m sure the other man he murdered (an innocent gentlemen enjoying a Father’s Day celebration with his family) did not receive such a perk.

Robert Redford wants artists to push government

And do it with YOUR money, of course. Redford’s Sundance Film Festival has been suckling at the Federal teat for years.

“Redford started the Sundance Film Festival with a National Endowment for the Arts grant. Now it generates $90 million over 10 days for Utah.”

Redford makes it sound as if the claimed $90 million of economic benefit was equally apportioned between all residents of the state. Of course, only a relative handful of individuals directly benefit. Wouldn’t it be more peaceful and ethical to secure investment for the festival from those individuals that actually benefit from it? Then we could avoid the violence, theft, ill will, and argument about the necessity of state involvement in such activity.

But then, it’s just so much easier to use clever marketing and political bribes to just STEAL the money. Right, Rob?

Dallas residents join 'town hall' on U.S. debt

Please notice that among the “top consensus picks” of “pre-packaged options,” not ONE included any kind of spending cut or elimination. They ALL call for still more extraction of wealth from the state’s enslaved subjects.

Amerikan serfs still seem hesitant to withdraw their belief in a free lunch, all paid for with other people’s money.

This meeting was moderated by the “non-partisan” organization, America Speaks. How can you claim to be “non-partisan” when you display an obvious bias toward command and control government centered in Washington D.C.? Why are only state controlled solutions offered to state caused problems? Look at their list of contributors. Do you recognize any liberty oriented groups among them?

Count this event as just another propaganda scam, convincing the lowly serfs that they actually have some control over their self-proclaimed rulers

Crackdown on illegal gaming in Hunt County

Once again, the state abhors and will not tolerate competition. Private gaming competes with the state’s business of gambling- the lottery. That’s the game where Boobus spends his measly paycheck on useless tickets and the money is then redistributed to the state’s long and growing client list of parasites.

LP Board of Ed candidate no "paper tiger"

No self-proclaimed “libertarian” would have anything but contempt and disgust toward any state gangster operated Board of Education- let alone seek to become part of it. If her goal was to dismantle and abolish such a board from within, her goal might be useful. But it appears that she just wants to be part of the illegitimate game of state controlled education enforced at the point of a gun.

Will Ms. Parsons please explain to me how is it moral and ethical to FORCE me and others to finance the education of other people’s children? Will Ms. Parsons please explain to me why the tyranny of democratic majority should decide how children are educated and just who pays for it? Will Ms. Parsons please explain to me when and where did I consent to be a participant and contributor to such an arrangement? And would she please explain to me where and how she and her fellow state cultists secured the moral authority to enforce such a non-consensual agreement?

This is what you call “freedom?”

Ms. Parsons doesn’t even seem to meet the standard of a “paper tiger.” I would describe her instead as the state’s compliant kitten.

Mass. Rep. Nyman dies after being found in pool

Maybe he drowned in the debt he helped create.

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