Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Submit To Your (Jury) Duty

The media serves its function as state apologist in a myriad of ways. One method is through stories like this that offer suggestions on how one can comfortably tolerate state abuse. In this case, advice is given on how to put up with the state’s version of hostage taking- jury duty.

“Don't complain about jury duty. It only makes the wait turn into suffering for those around you.”

By all means, remain quiet and stoically suffer in peace as you are held hostage. Verbally articulating your unjust, undeserved, loss of freedom will only make it more difficult for those (like the reporter) who wish to passively comply. Sheeple “suffer” when continually reminded of the tyranny that represses them. It’s much more humane to slaughter the livestock when they are drugged or in a trance. Remember, Big Brother is watching AND listening.

“I sat next to a woman I began to refer to in my head as The Cackler. She complained about everything. How long we waited, that she didn't like to sit, that the pay was low. And then she'd cackle. Over and over like a person who's had too much to drink when everyone else was sober. Except that her complaining and cackling led other people to join in.”

Oh no! A subversive in our midst! This woman must be quieted or we risk the spread of discontent! Thankfully, at least one person continued to think for herself and remain resistant. At least one person remained aware of the fact they she had been kidnapped and held against her will. A least one person maintained her spirit of individual liberty while others remain “sobered” by the reality of their servitude. What is dismissed as “cackling” by the reporter is in reality subdued and redirected anger. Tyrants value those subjects who obey silently and abhor those who speak in opposition.

“ I was shocked by how many people didn't bring a book or a magazine. The county does offer a few magazines in the grand jury room. But we're not talking People or The New Yorker here because, face it, they'd be stolen.”

What? Is it possible those who are honored and duty bound to judge the guilt or innocence of others be thieves and criminals themselves? It’s irrelevant to this discussion, but it’s laughable to think anyone would value printed rags like People and The New Yorker enough to steal them.

“Bring a book, magazine, iPod or, of course, a newspaper. It makes time go faster.”

Keep your brain distracted and occupied sufficiently to blot out the fact that you have been kidnapped and are having at least one day stolen from your life by those who do not value it.

“Bring a jacket or sweater. Sometimes certain places in the courthouse can be chilly, even in the spring and summer.”

Another way to distract the sheeple- keep their minds occupied with struggling to keep warm. Spending time dealing with immediate survival needs and comfort keeps their minds oblivious to their imprisonment.

“Be prepared to wait. Just because you don't see the attorneys or the judge doing something, it doesn't mean they aren't working. Not all the jurors get there on time. Those who showed up have to be assigned to different courts. The attorneys have to go over your questionnaire.”

Have faith. Behind closed doors men are working feverishly to provide justice to the needy masses. They must closely examine your papers to judge whether you are worthy to participate in one of their upcoming tribunals. Remember, impatience can only be counterproductive. Put aside your selfish claim to your life and time and submit to the needs of the collective.

“Realize you could be there all day. Don't expect to have a day off from work so you can go shopping, tend your yard or take a nap at home.”

Surrender to the fact that your day is lost, that there is little hope that you may make any productive use of it. Every day is a gift from God but the state reserves the power to take it from you. Be reminded that your needs are secondary to the unsolicited obligation of jury duty. Your body is considered state property, as it has been forcibly relocated. Your time belongs to them as well. The concept of self-ownership takes a forced sabbatical.

“If you get picked, realize this: There will be more waiting. Often, attorneys argue their points out of the jury's presence.”

You’ve been chosen! You are hereby deemed worthy and rewarded with….. more waiting, more hours of your life lost, and even more time to contemplate the fact that you have been rounded up and herded like so many nameless bovines to be milked and processed.

It’s always sad and pathetic to see the media encourage the public to submit to state aggression. How can one morally and intellectually defend a “justice” system that is dependent upon kidnapping free men and women and holding them at gun point, locked in a room all day? Does anyone else see the absurdity of this realization?

Wikipedia defines jury duty as “service as a juror in a legal proceeding.” I would define it as “individuals being rounded up under threat of prosecution for noncompliance.” Obey and come forth at a specific time (certainly not at your convenience) or risked being caged.

It’s an unfortunate fact that most readers of this story will take the reporter’s advice to heart and submit willingly and quietly when forced into this situation. Most individuals have been indoctrinated in government schools and by statist media into believing the myths and fairy tales concerning “civic duty.” In addition, this indoctrination has been bolstered by a helpful, supporting dose of reverent nationalism. Statists who believe in this cockeyed vision of “justice” can only muster weak, emotional outbursts to defend it. Their defense lacks the critical thinking necessary to reach the rational conclusion that forced jury duty is characteristic of a barbaric, Orwellian system that claims you must kidnap people to provide “justice.”

It will be interesting to see what this reporter will write in the future- Perhaps a thoughtful piece on how killing brown people on the other side of the world protects my "freedom?" The concept of “kidnapping is justice” has already been covered. Here are some noteworthy topics that this reporter and others might pontificate upon:

Ignorance is Strength
Slavery is Freedom
War is Peace

Whatever the subject, I’m sure another excellent work will be created to mislead the gullible public.

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